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May 27, 2020
Quantum Realm
Dear people,

I looked around on the internet and came across several online casinos in the Netherlands, at many I could not register with a non-Dutch IBAN. This information I got to know in advance, eventually I came across Casino777 they accepted my Revolut IBAN so it was fully verified. Deposited a lot in the previous months with no luck. Can happen. At the end of September I win a nice amount which I then want to get cashed out, now suddenly problems start. According to the customer service, under no circumstances can it be cashed out to the account I specified during registration, but I'm approved with it????. I had to jump over all kinds of obstacles, send emails to the manager explaining the situation, no hearing for weeks. They were literally playing games with me, finally October 19 filed a complaint with Casino777's complaints department. Then I was told they were "having problems paying out to Revolut" That is quite different from "not being able to pay out at all". Problems can be solved, Casino777 said they would do them best to transfer the money to my Revolut account soon, I quietly waited longer than 6/7 weeks. Eventually I thought it was taking too long and after some research I found out that I had opened a Belgian account a very long time ago. After some email exchanges they then verified it, on that account I was supposed to get paid out from November 22 I was promised, eventually they made a payment November 24 according to them. According to them it would take 3-5 days for the money to appear in the account, several times I contacted Customer Support who assured me that everything was fine and I would receive it soon. After the deadline passed I contacted them again and suddenly they were not so pleasant, they acted very irritated and uninterested in the chat. I had to send a bank statement and they would contact the finance department for more info. That was over a week ago. We are now almost 3 weeks past again after my last email to them stating this;

"Dear Casino777 employee(s),

At this time I have zero heartfelt apologies.

I have been hearing the same tape running for weeks in a row. Frankly, I don't believe anything about the money being transferred. When I ask for transparency and proof of transaction the chat is abruptly cut off. I find it very outrageous that this happens at all and a very lax attitude towards it. This should not be the course of action with a casino licensed by the KSA.

We are already heading into the 2nd week of December, very sad this. Now it is that you have supposedly contacted the department again. While it was supposed to be contacted a long time ago after my mail a week ago. I will see what excuse will be thrown again soon."

I can't believe that an online casino can just do this in NL while being regulated by the Kansspelautoriteit. I have been waiting for the money for almost more than 3 months now and they are now ignoring me via email and customer service chat is abruptly cut off. I am now abroad and don't know what to do anymore, hence I am posting this message here on this forum. I feel lied to by Casino777 employees, put on the line and ignored. After speaking to their CS I'm told to wait AGAIN.

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Max Drayman
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