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Jan 18, 2004
Livorno, ITALY
Hi, this is my first message on the forum.
I'm from Italy and I love BLACKJACK.
In 1992 I won about 10.000 at the GOLDEN NUGGET in London and Blackjack broke my heart...

I'm new to online gambling, and only I ask is FAIR playing and QUICK payouts if I win. Maybe I ask too much...

The matter is: last 28th of December I won $2.750 playing BJ at, and I'm still waiting not only my winnings, but also to know if I am eligible for them or not...
Does Casinomeister Staff know this Casino?
Does Casinomeister Staff tell me about this Casino?
I've seen it's NOT a "rogue" casino, it's a good thing...

Thank you for help,


Forum Cheermeister
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Jun 30, 1998
Hi ciccioestella! And welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, your find may not be as nifty as you think it is. There may be a link between this casino and Casinobar/Casino-on-air which were reportedly to have cheating software by the Wizard of Odds.

cheating software = contempt for players

Please fill out the form at "pitch a Bitch" if you want me to persue this.

As for not finding the casino in the "rogue" section, the rogue section is not exhaustive; in other words the casino may be a rogue casino but not listed there merely because I haven't had an encounter with them yet.