Casino Rewards is NOT an eCOGRA member.


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Dec 5, 2005
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I already PM'd Bryan about his recent newsletter where he wrote:

"Online casinos already in the well established and successful Casino Rewards group include:,, Casino Kingdom, Casino Classic and The group is reviewed and monitored by eCOGRA."

Casino Rewards is NOT an eCOGRA member as far as I can tell.

Take a look at the eCOGRA approved sites page:

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None of the casinos named are on it. Also, none of the casinos named display an eCOGRA logo on their website, so if they are eCOGRA members, they certainly aren't doing a very good job of advertising it.

Players should NOT feel the same level of protection is in place that is in place when playing at an eCOGRA site, although without hijacking this into an anti-eCOGRA rant, I don't feel that they are particularly player-friendly these days regardless.

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Nov 1, 2005
For the record, Bryan didn't write that article but it was written by InfoPowa so maybe they are misreporting it or maybe eCOGRA is monitoring them before granting acceptance or something else.


Nov 21, 2004
A month ago I asked eCOGRA about the removal of Casino Rewards casinos from eCOGRA list as well as removal of eCOGRA seal from the casino websites, since I was sure that eCOGRA approved Casino Rewards casinos in 2006.

Answer I got from eCOGRA was that Casino Rewards group had not completed routine on-site eCOGRA audit by the scheduled time and both parties agreed that eCOGRA logo were to be removed from the casino sites until audit is completed.

I did not get any details or reasons why audit was delayed. I was concerned about this removal because I noticed it just after Casino Action seals were suspended.

It will be nice if eCOGRA issues some statement about this in order to clear confusion.

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