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Dec 12, 2003
Is there any way I can find out which casinos are owned by each other? What I mean by this is.
I signed up to Sun Vegas Casino and before I make a deposit I sent them an e-mail requesting NOT to receive any bonuses of any kind. I explained to them I do not like WR.

E-mail received from them: we have processed your request; you will not receive any bonuses on your account.

However, having reviewed your account we see that you are a highly
valued player and we'd like to give you an additional complimentary bonus of $10.00 as a token of our appreciation for your loyalty.

What surprises me, I just signed up at this casino, there is not an account to review yet!

So I am assuming they are owned by one of the other casinos I play at. So my question is there a way to find out who is partnered with whom. I am most interested in MG if this makes a difference.

Thank so much,
This group runs:

Crazy Vegas
Sun Vegas
777 Dragon

Also, the group name is not Casino Partners (which run Playtech casinos) - it's Vegas Partner Lounge :)

Lol Spears,

I thought the same as you initially, but I don't think that Sandie meant Casino Partner, I think she meant to title it "casinos who are partners".

Sandie, I want to congratulate you on your decision to forgo the bonus. For recreational players that whole wagering requirement business is nothing but a big pain and spoils the fun in playing. It can also cost you your winnings.

I also tip my hat to Sun Vegas for giving you the freebie.

Good for both of you!
But there are probably wagering requirements attached to it, so be sure you ask!!

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