Casino-on-Net Pays $3990 Disputed Bonus



Casino-on-Net, on October 29, 2001, agreed
to pay in full my disputed bonus winnings
from the September 26, 2001 "Shaken, Not
Stirred" promotion. The full amount was
$3990.00. This money was deposited in
my account by and on october 29, 2001.
The disagreement arose because some Casino-on-Net members were not paid their bonus
money from this promotion because they did not same day deposit. The bonus qualifier
was stated at their casino site/newsletter.
However, it was not stated at their promotions website. And that it why the
conflict arose. Not all members saw this
deposit qualifier.

Vahe Baloulian, Casino-on-Net manager, said
some weeks ago on another message board that
"We always give our members the benefit of
a doubt." Well, in my case he has.

However, I respectfully request that Casino-
on-Net pay in full all bonus money to those
members who participated in this promotion
but who did not same day deposit because
the bonus deposit requirements were not
stated on their website.

Casino-on-Net was the first on-line casino
that I ever played at. And they were the
first on-line casino that I would recommend
whenever anyone would ask "What is a good
internet casino to play at?" So I was not
happy having to challenge Casino-on-Net.
I had my viewpoint and they had theirs.

One additional note : During my ongoing
33 day dispute, Casino-on-Net never once
took retaliatory action against me by locking
me from my account or by not responding to
e-mails or by whatever actions they might
have taken. I am not sure other on-line
casinos would have been as patient.

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