Casino Math


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Dec 12, 2002
Okay, it costs OVER $1 mil for the server, personnel, software, gambling license, basic overhead, etc., for a casino just to start up.

Now, NETeller, Firepay, and everyone else gets their cut. The payment processors and customer service operators get their cut. The game portals get their cut (35%+). The software licensors (i.e. Microgaming) get their percentage. Then the player bonuses.

This is all just a SMALL part of the expense list.

I consider my self a very good video poker player, somewhere in the 97% neighborhood of optimal play. I play Aces and Faces (99.26%) and Jacks or Better (99.54%). I play 10 casinos regularly when they have some sort of specials going on. Then some new ones for bonuses occassionally.

In the last 4 months I am up thousands of dollars. Not because I am that good, but because of the bonuses and sometimes just good runs.

The question I have, is how do they make any money at 97%+ payouts?

How much longer can this go on? Do online casinos really make any money? Or do they just show cashflow to find more investors and borrow more money?

I enjoyed the free internet ride. I took full advantage of all he internet shops that were selling stuff well below wholesale and free shipping. In fact, Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples online $50 off of $200 and free shipping is still going on.

Am I missing something, or can the good times continue to roll?

Are online casinos REALLY making money?

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