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Nov 24, 2006

Have you ever played at here? It opened at the end of September . It has a pretty good bonus but without any reputation.

With a name like that, I doubt it will end up with a GOOD reputation.

Would this be another "start your own casino" clip joint - they are flogging their software really cheap now:D
Welcome to the forum Morden :thumbsup:

Site says "Powered by Chartwell" at the bottom of it ... no U.S. either.

Certainly the instant play games are Chartwell but I'm always cautious of casinos that don't have background information in the "about us" section and I have to agree with VinylWeatherMan, th name "Casino For Me" hardly inspires trust!

Always best to stick the the Accredited Casinos List
quoted from their about us section
"hosted in Malta, our International management team has over 100 years of business experience, of which 45 years has been online."


Guess they mean 45 combined years?
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definetely combined years! ist brand new, as you see below (whois)

alexander duffy? The cricket player?

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registrant-firstname: Alexander
registrant-lastname: Duffy
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