Casino "Euro Palace" - I shocked


Once again all hi.

Having come on meister, I chose the next casino for game. This choice was "Euro Palace".

Having passed to the site, I saw that the bonus on the first deposit of 100% to 350$/euro and decided to make the deposit.

I opened the account in rubles and made the deposit of 800+ rubles ($20,5) what there was my surprise, having seen that into my account enlisted a bonus of only 350 rubles, but not 800+. After all 800 rubles only $20.

This same as the person will make the deposit 1,000,000,000,000 Zimbabwe dollars ($10 US) of Zimbabwe and to it $350 Zimbabwe dollars ($0,0000000035 US) will add.

I went to a chat and tried to explain, what it is ridiculous, really at serious the casino isn't present a convertation course? In any respecting casino it are considered and write: to 100% of 300$/euro/15000 rubles

Then I wrote, close my account, I don't want to play at you. The operator told me that for me a surprise of $10 ($10-410 of rubles). Present when I updated the balance I saw 10 rubles on the account. These are 0,3 us of $. I write them again, you that have no converter of currencies? The operator told that to do nothing. I laughed, told take away these $0,3 to yourself and close my account.

I wrote that I will write this embarrassment on casinomeister, the operator switched off a chat.

It simply isn't serious, to equate all currencies 1 to 1
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I removed a name, edit the quote that the name of the operator wasn't visible.
No, I mean when you are talking in chat to an operator it is not the best idea to threaten them with "casinomeister action". I don't think that the purpose of the site is to be used as a threat to CS staff in order to try to resolve your issue. Rather, try first to resolve it sensibly and without anger. If you perceive a CS rep to be unhelpful, try to find the appropriate casino rep here first (if there is one) to contact. At the end of the day most CS staff are just trying to do a job so having a go at them doesn't always help.

Lastly (and do not take this as a personal criticism at all), you yourself have said that English is not your first language. This being the case, is it possible that your anger is due to either the CS misunderstanding you or you misunderstanding them? I have to be honest - I found your recent posts to be pretty hard to understand too.


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its better to be nice

You go into a sandwich shop and be really rude to the owner threatening him you going to get bad food
if your mean to customer support they wont fix your issue
here is a solution. use a web wallet like skrill up load funds from you currency and use aud or usd or cad to deposit in and when you cash out to skrill to your account the money will go back to being in your currency bonus issues are hard to fix as they are a automated system .


The friend, I don't love a conflicted.I try to solve everything independently but what to do when the operator didn't even try to understand and help...

For the sake of justice I will tell, now I contacted Grant, he told at once that it validly a mistake and misunderstanding and they will understand.

I don't accuse of something this casino at all.


I always use only US of $ and a neteller.
Here I decided to play for rubles.

Simply if the site provides game in such currency, there has to be the international converter as it is on other sites.


You type well loads
I always use only US of $ and a neteller.
Here I decided to play for rubles.

Simply if the site provides game in such currency, there has to be the international converter as it is on other sites.
This is not how it works. Bonuses are given in "credits", so it does not matter about whether you play in US Dollars or the Rouble, the max bonus is still 350 "casino credits". Should you hit the Mega Moolah jackpot, you would receive some 3 million Roubles, not $3 million as you might expect. This happened when the game first came out and someone hit the jackpot in SA Rand for around 5 Million. Hardly anyone noticed as he was paid 5 million Rand, not Dollars, and the result was a relatively small reduction in the jackpot pool.

It's only if a casino decides to deviate from this general rule that they will make a statement along the lines of "to 100% of 300$/euro/15000 rubles".

A casino that DOES take currency into account when determining the max amount of bonus credits given is Betway, although no mention is made of Roubles.


Draw the Lord's conclusion. Because of kopeks so to scoff at the person who lost in this network $4000 - LOL
More never I will be put in this network.

Jayson: one moment please
Roman: Knowing that $10 are 410 rubles - I agreed
Roman: What there was my surprise having seen on the account of 10 rubles. ($0,25)
Roman: Same it is ridiculous
Jayson: i understand how you feel, i have looked at the chat and see the mistake made
Jayson: I see that yoour account is still locked
Jayson: Is there anything I can do to convince you to reopen your account
Roman: Correct this error please
Jayson: let me see what i can do for you
Roman: okey Jayson
Jayson: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
Jayson: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
Jayson: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
Jayson: i am still looking in the matter for you
Jayson: Roman, I have discussed the matter with my manager and we must apologize for the inconvenience caused but this was a typing error by the agent
Jayson: I am really sorry about this and sincerely apologize
Roman: So now to me add a bonus of $10 (410 rubles)?
Roman: I of course accept apologies
Jayson: i am sorry Roman I am not able to add a bonus
Jayson: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Roman: lol