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Jan 13, 2005
Vancouver Island
I just received a manager bonus from INetBet so decided to download their casino. Once it was finished, the page where you type your name and password (homepage I guess) was "Evernet Casino"! :eek2: There was a spot for name and password but no other writing.

I've fired off an email to Emily at INetBet.

I also noticed that my casino file from Outlook Express has gone and so has my Neteller file. Will have to check with hubby to make sure he hasn't deleted it but I can't see why he would.

Anything like this happened to anyone else?

Update: casino and Neteller files found
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Take Care!!!

Do not wait for RTG to "look into it".
Whatever upgrade they may have done is NOT going to remove files from your Outlook Express (or give the wrong casino).

Your casino files may contain all your casino accounts and passwords, and similarly the Neteller file.

The "link" may have actually been a "virus", possibly a JAVA "bookmarklet" that triggered something more sinister. If hubby did NOT delete the files I would suggest changing the passwords on all casinos and Neteller with immediate effect just in case, even though an innocent explanation may emerge later on. The "wrong" casino may just be an attempt to capture your password and account. This scam is common with banking, and I have noticed an increase in the believability of the more recent attempts. (No bad spelling, dodgy cut 'n' paste, etc).

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