Casino Del Rio STOLE $1050.00 from me!


First of all, I've said that the customer service reps for these places are not the best source of information, since they usually handle multiple casinos. I've never defended their statements to your or their competance and won't. I've found very few good CSR's at online casinos. And since there was an apparent communications problem between you and them, that's even more of a reason to go to the website to confirm what they are telling you.

And as far as nitpicking statements, go back an read my statement about backing the casinos 100%. I said "If there is a LEGITIMATE claim against a casino, I'll back the player 100%, if its an illegitimate claim as in this case, I'll back the casino 100%. If you're going to quote me, then do so IN CONTEXT.

You say "Other statements such as,
"The old adage about the customer is always right is just that, old and outdated." sound like the thoughts of someone partaking in dishonorable business. Who else would say that?"
. Anyone who has been a business owner will tell you that, as will anyone with an ounce of common sense.

The statements that follow that just prove my point about people who believe all casinos are inherently evil. They are not. The idea that I can't be happy in my current job is also ridiculous. Most people I know are happy in their current jobs. I can think of maybe 10% just off the top of my head that aren't, but I certainly am. And it has absolutely NO connection whatsoever with casinos, gambling, etc. Saying that the casinos 'happily' paid me was obviously not meant to be taken literally and I think you know that. Maybe I need to say they payed me with indifference, while congratulating me on my win.

I am not a shill for anyone, paid or unpaid. In fact, I checked my records and found I'm actually in the hole for $200 at Del Rio and haven't played there for months. And NOBODY gives me ANY bonus credits for anything I post. I wouldn't accept them if they did. The ONLY time I got bonus credits from posting a complaint was from Fortune Lounge when I complained about them wanting me to show proof of how I fund my neteller account before they would process a cashin. Wim immediately cleared that up and gave me $20 in each account I held with them to compensate me for the 6 month old dispute. I also posted that they'd done that in the thread I started about the problem. The only bonuses I've gotten from them subsequently have been either thru their regular weekend 20%ish promos, contests ($10 woohoo!) or gonegambling point conversions. Full disclosure. Oh, and those $20 bonuses were lost failrly quickly on power poker.

Gambling does ruin many lives, but that really has nothing to do with this issue. There is nothing shady about this particular situation. You didn't read the rules and can't prove they changed them to screw you. This b.s. about casinos letting children starve or are funding terrorism also have nothing to do with this situation, and YOU are just as guilty as I am in that scenario for contributing to their bank account since you didn't bother to investigate them before you deposited there.

You are the only one who misinformed you out of any money because you didn't bother to read the rules and played while uninformed. Is it really that hard to admit that you should have read the rules before you played?

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I read that link you posted mrracetrack, and yes that is another person who has a problem with this casino. But it has nothing whatsoever to do with this scenario. F_dupp's account wasn't locked, and there was no mention of T&C issues in that post.

I agree with you that the rep he spoke to was virtually useless, I believe they even said 'I don't know why you can't cashout'. At that point you have to do more homework (like goto the website) or ask for a supervisor or something other than continue on doing what you are doing. That is why they post the rules on the website. Those reps handle calls for multiple casinos and don't know everything. Apparently he emailed and got a reply later on that said JoB didn't count, but that was after he'd lost it all back. He should have waited for the reponse OR checked the website before playing another hand. Then none of this would have happened.

But his public accusation here was that they changed the T&C and rigged the games after he tried to cashin, specifically to steal his winnings. That is where I have the problem, since he's presented absolutely NO proof of this whatsoever. That is quite a different scenario than 'the CSR gave me misinformation and I ended up losing', you've got to admit that. The first is blatant casino fraud while the second is CSR ignorance.

I give him credit for his honesty in saying up front that he didn't read the T&C prior to losing it all back and only then saw that it said JoB was not counted for wagering requirements. He could have just as easily said that he read it before and they changed it afterwards. In that case, I'd have been behind him 100% on getting his winnings from the casino. Sometimes it doesn't 'pay' to be honest, but you can sleep at night with a clear conscience at the end of the day.

Thanks for not believing I'm a shill. I only support the casinos when I think they are right and the player is wrong, whether I've won or lost there (as in this case where I've never won here and in the hole $200 and haven't been back for at least a month or so).
Why in the Hell are you guys still on this topic??? He has lost ALL his money. Its over with!!!! Move ON!!!
I am shaking my head as I read this whole thread. So damn many of these casinos are no more trustworthy than a crack dealer. Why even bother, its nice having the convienece of a casino in your living room, but is obvious that they use their terms and conditions as an excuse to not pay people thier winnings. In my opinion the casino should at least pay him his winnings - the $100 deposit. Thats like sitting down at a blackjack table at your local casino and you win $1000 and then the pit boss says you have to give your chips back because you need to play a game with less favorable odds to be able to cash out. What a bunch of crap that is, people that behave this way deserve to have the sh#$ slapped out of them.

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