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A man in need of Anger Management counselling
Dec 8, 2022
Recently made a small deposit at Casino Classic. Played for awhile and hit a $120 spin. My balance at that time was $132 so I attempted to make a $100 withdraw and keep $30 to keep playing.

To my surprise, my balance after the withdraw process began was only $2.

$30 just mysteriously disappeared. I had no wagering requirements, nothing. The entire $132 was available to withdraw.

I have sent about 8 emails to classic casino, no response.

I called their phone number, automated message then disconnected.

I used their "Live help" on the app, It has sat open for 6 hours straight without a response.

I filed a complaint with iGaming Ontario and received a reply. The process has begun.

This is just a heads up to people. This casino stole money from me and there is no way to get into contact with them. If I wasn't stubborn, I would have just cut my losses which I assume they think most players will do. Screw that, I'm taking it all the way.

Be prepared to do the same if you play here.

Updates to follow


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Hello @ASlive_ ,

I'd strongly suggest you contact @Renee_RA . She is an exceptionally good casino rep and usually clears player issues within hours.

Max Drayman
Player Arbitration (PAB) Manager,

PS. I've tweaked your original thread title to make the issue at hand clearer. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
I've already contacted iGaming Ontario and filed a report and received a reply.

I actually forwarded it to Classic Casino to make them aware of where I was at.

No response of course lol

I appreciate the information but I will be continuing my complaint with iGaming Ontario. I think in the end, if enough complaints are made, their license will be pulled or they will improve their business. Both will be wins for players.

Honestly, how a trash site with zero support received a license in the first place is beyond me...
As you wish, of course, but contacting the rep doesn't really have anything to do with your complaint at iGaming Ontario. The worst that can happen is that your issue gets resolved faster dealing with her than waiting for the bureaucracy to grind its way through whatever processes it needs to.

- Max
As it happens I've heard from the casino rep. So far she's mentioned that he will be able to see where that 30 disappeared to within his detailed playcheck and that she can see the account number on the screenshot so she's using that to look into it.

FTR: her management doesn't allow her to post on forums so that's why I'm posting this and it's not her doing so directly.
I'll narrow down her search for you. It was right after I hit a bonus round on some "Even bigger" fishing game.

That's when I took the 1st screenshot and withdrew.

I didn't think that pic had any account info on it but I guess it doesn't matter now.

Would you like to see screenshots of the $100 withdrawal and $32 remaining balance before clicking confirm?

Or the $100 withdraw pending and a $3 balance right after?

Had a bad situation before. I screenshot everything 😉
@ASlive_ , I believe the rep has contacted you via PM and explained the situation. Any comments on that?

- Max
Sure did. Here ya go.

Happy reading


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Well, between your abusive attitude toward the rep, posting Private Messages without permission and calling us "paid shills" I reckon your time here has come to an end. Happy trails Anger Man.

- Max
Oh come on Max, you could have at least said "Happy Trails, Dickweed Man":(

I'm sooooo disappointed :laugh:

On a serious note though, I have played at CR for nearly 10 years now and have taken deposit match bonuses (I very rarely took up the free spins promo offers) KNOWING FULL WELL that there is a 200x WR attached (it wasn't always 200x, it was 30x for at least the first 5 of those 10 years).
It is actually VERY easy to spot the supposed "small print" re: 200x WR.
So to suggest that it is hidden/buried somewhere is completely false.

Also, when withdrawing before WR is completed, it CLEARLY says that you will be forfeiting your bonus balance if you proceed.
Done it more than often enough myself.

So the OP is bullshitting from the get go, never mind being guilty of the crime that is DRATT (Didn't Read All The Terms).

To sum up, what a dickweed....
Further proof that many games carry different requirements....

- in this case, the $30 accrued as winnings were in fact from a Signup bonus, and therefore not eligible for cash withdrawal; it needed to be redeemed and turned over via wagering, and was 'transferred' to a Bonus balance. Why would this be deemed unfair?

Imagine then the rep going to such extraordinary lengths and break this down in a very easy to understand manner over a couple of pages in a PM, only to have that dismissed in a very entitled manner. I'm sure many reps wouldn't have even bothered, and this is the thanks she gets!

Just remember y'all: good manners cost nothing
This is interesting, second such thread I have come across in the same number of days where players are not au fait with the terms and conditions when taking bonuses.

Ok us seasoned members and players know about how bonuses work, whether they are NDB's, free spins, deposit match or the such like. But seriously players need to read the terms attached to any bonus they take.

As for the manners displayed. Well no wonder Max kicked him to the kerb. From what he posted, the rep was nothing more than professional who went to great lengths to explain the situation.

Dropping f bombs as a result of losing $30 due to not being au fait with said terms and not liking as to exactly why it happened, is not called for.

Especially as the rep in question was responsive and professional.
As much as I dislike such extreme wagering requirements (200xB on slots, up to 10000xB on roulette and blackjack), those are among the better described terms and conditions I've seen.

I do wish operators (as a whole) made it clearer what was going on with bonus funds and wagering requirements - but even when operators have gone the extra mile you still get players complaining about DRATT, so it's clearly not fool proof!

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