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Nov 19, 2004
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Casino captain cooks wont pay my winnings

I Cannot believe it
i send e-mail after e-mails
noone there can tell me what is up with this €200
mostly they just ignore my e-mails
and live chat isnt very helpful ...IF i can reach them
mostly they are offline
and IF i have them
they cant tell me whats up
last i heard was
my 200 was sent to moneybookers in €25 €20 to a total of 200
on 24 th april
well there was nothing in my moneybookers i sent them even a screenshot of all my moneybookers transactions from April 21 on
then a guy named Wolfgang replied to me ( after i sent i will post at casinomeister and everywhere)
to have little bit more patience til monday
well they are in sidney
its monday night there already
and i heard nothing again
I won this 200 on gift from them of 2000 points and I reedemed this to CCC
I had a big Cashout of 16 K at Captain cooks before the were sold to Casino rewards
and i got my money quick...
also a few smaller wins like 500 or 1 K
this is now my 1st cashout since they are casino rewards and it seems they dont like to pay
i met the wagering requirements on it.
another question
down anyone know why they doing cashouts now all in such an odd way
some other casinos also do i noticed
they send the money in parts like you did deps
and if you deposited with moneybookers and request neteller its not possible
you get it to mloneybookers in parts ...

i just wanted to warn peeps to play there
take care with cashouts there
maybe someone has an idea for me what i can do more
have a good day all
shakes head here........
look at this....
just recieved that e-mail

Hello Marina
Thank you for contacting the CR Helpdesk with regards to your withdrawal for
Your withdrawal has now been processed and this amount has been refunded to you
via MoneyBookers on April 24th 2006
Please allow up to 8 business days for funds to reach you. Should you not
receive the refund of your withdrawal within this timeframe, please call Casino
Support or email us at
You can find further information regarding your withdrawal by logging in to your
CashCheck facility within the casino software.
Kind Regards,
CR Helpdesk---------------------------

i wonder how they send money to moneybookers
If i send money by wire to my moneybookers it needs max 3 days
if i send money to other people
they have it in 1 minute.
That sounds very strange indeed. They belong to casino rewards, on which many of us have an EYE... especially now, after the bought Phoenician.
8 days to moneybookers - To my this would be : incompetence.
mikepipe said:
8 days to moneybookers - To my this would be : incompetence.

And we can only hope there was a typo in their email when they said $. Keep us updated and make sure they send the xfer in Euros as you stated in your first post :)
now they sent me this............

Hello Marina,

we are still investigating why your 200 Euro cash in hasn't gone through to

your moneybookers account and we will update you as soon as we have nwes from moneybookers.



Casino Support

i asked them yesterday to give me transactions ID from the moneybookers payment as i want to e-mail moneybookers myself
i got no reply still.:mad:
just checked my money is still not in my moneybookers
caschcheck at captain cooks is still saying
Crap (as one would expect)

There is often a delay between a cash-in being paid and CashCheck updating from "work in progress". This really should not be more than 24 hours, 48 at the most. Several Days, and no cash in Moneybookers looks like an error with the processing data, and they are not sufficiently competent to work out what has stalled the process. As it is going back from whence it came they cannot blame inaccurate withdrawal preference information.

I have never actually seen Live Chat working since they swallowed Phoenician and Aztec Riches, but their response was swift when I teasingly opened a GUEST account at Casino Classic in response to a "personal" welcome from "Emma" as a VIP. Perhaps they are collapsing under the weight of all these new casinos!
wahooo the finally paid me today
as far i see they paid today normal via e-mail transfer to moneybookers
oh welll
just good thy paid now
after i dont know how many e-mails
The Captain is a Pirate

I have been trying to wrestle my $2,993.40 out of Captain Cook's sweaty palms for the past several weeks. I have called, e-mailed, sent them the extra documentation they claimed they needed to send me my $. I have done everything but get down on my knees and beg. I don't know what time it is in Sydney, but it is apparently never the right time to process my withdrawal. My personal opinion is that they are operating out of their own little corner in hell. I am a disabled R.N. who lives on a Social Security check, and I really can't afford this. HELP!!!!
Dian 54,

Welcome to this forum. Captain Cooks is having it's share of problems lately and some of them do concern late payments. However, it would be best to keep your financial plight to yourself. If you cannot afford it, dont gamble online. You are unlikely to get sympathy here by stating you need your winnings as you are living on Social Security.

Well, from experience this casino still pays but are real damn slow in doing so. BTW,what documentation are they saying is amiss?
They wanted copies of my driver's license or passport, copy of Neteller withdrawal that I used to deposit at Captain Cook's. And, O.K., you're right, you don't have to feel sorry for me, but since you are so much more experienced in these matters than me, why don't you share some constructive advice?

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