Carwash jackpot cleanout


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001

Pensioner polishes off carwash jackpot

This week's luckiest gambler wasn't even looking to win. When Eldon McCammack (71) drove into the interestingly named Trojan Car Wash near Indianapolis this week all he had in mind was a sparkling finish to his automobile.

But when he inserted his dollar in the activation slot it paid off like a Las Vegas slot, spurting a flood of small change as the dumbfounded McCammack frantically tried to staunch the river of coins. McCammack said he first grabbed the top from a trash can to catch the coins, whilst another customer found a plastic container to help with the surprise cash flow. In all, well over a thousand coins jetted out of the machine.

Being a man of integrity, McCammack gathered up the coins and delivered them to the local police, who took the cash into safekeeping and called the owner. The pensioner went back later and washed his car - hopefully for free.

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