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Dormant account
Jun 6, 2003
I have $600 at this casino and now their site is nowhere to be found. Does anybody know what's their fate?
I have tried contacting chartwell since it was their software but they haven't answered me yet.
When I deposited I had the belief that chartwell was ok.
Anyone have a comment on that?
Yeah, and then they popped up as a portal with a hotmail address for the manager and two non-working Casino Solei sites on it. Bastards. J. Lymenstone if you see this pay your damned Six Gun players.

I would have to say that Chartwell has a checkered history - on the one hand they had a lot of *little* operations some of which went down but on the other they have clinched a couple good deals with land-based companies who one would expect do their DD pretty thoroughly.

I would stay on their butts.

Have you done a Who Is on the casino?
Longyield Corp Ltd,
Marina Towers, Suite 401
Belize City, Belize none


Administrative Contact:
Sylvester, Michael
3416 W. Wall
Midland, Texas 79701
+915.6973291 Fax: +915.6979754

Technical Contact:
Sylvester, Michael
3416 W. Wall
Midland, Texas 79701
+915.6973291 Fax: +915.6979754

Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
Record last updated on 12-Sep-2002.
Record expires on 07-Jun-2004.
Record Created on 07-Jun-2002.

Domain servers in listed order:
There you go, karto - courtesy of Jyde another avenue for you to try.

Keep us posted here...we would like to see how helpful Chartwell Tech is in view of their apparent lack of concern over those bastards at Six Gun Casino, and they must have full details on the Carib Sun folks who have screwed you.
Thanks for the comments guys.

See if he has anything to say and if Chartwell wants to answer me.
Well at least Michael Sylvester can use the reply button.

It seems he is an attorney and says he is not involved in the casino. (This should be true since I have found the attorney office homepage, and even a picture of Michael).

"Our offices were corporate counsel for Carib Sunshine
during it's formation. That is the reason we were
listed as an administrative contact. However, our
work for that client wrapped up in the fall of last
year. Our offices has been out of the loop, so to
speak, since November of last year."

I have asked him again if he has any data on the casino.

By the way, how or where is a Who Is done?
As I expected he wasn't willing to give me any data.

Oooohhhhhh Chaaaaaaaartweeeeeeeell, where is that reply-button.
A lawyer with email who uses yahoo for a casino registration - very professional and impressive!

Looks like Chartwell is your best if not only remaining bet now - mention to them that players are unpaid at Six Gun and the owners for that one have hidden themselves away in hotmail-land. Please keep us posted here as this is building up to a nice little story.

Chartwell is a listed stock exchange company I think, so that may be a useful pressure point if this gets nastier.

Try using Google to get some info on Chartwell that will assist your contact efforts - perhaps the name of their head man (which escapes me at the moment)and their public company status in Canada.
Well, I know they are listed on the CDNX (Canadian Stock X), and as I understand it some of their license-holders are quite big and will probably only do business with reputable companies, so they are probably not very interested in bad publicity.
That could prove favorable.
But of course with this so far tiny reaction from no one else but me it could also just be to insignificant.

I haven't mentioned Six Gun in my first mails but will as soon as they reply to me.

What about IGC (Internet Gaming Council)?
Could they be useful?
Interactive Gaming Council has an online complaints facility. They don't have a good record of assisting players, but it can't hurt!
Here's a few names:

David Bajwa, Investor Relations
(877) 669-4180 or (604) 669-4180

Darcy Krogh, Vice President of Business Development.

Darold H. Parken, President and CEO of Chartwell.

They are based in Calgary, Canada and these are their head office contact numbers:

Tel: 403 261 6619
Fax:403 237 5816
Toll free from USA: 877 261 6619

Sales office is in Vancouver:
877 669 4180

Contacting Us
Our support team is always ready to help with your questions, suggestions and concerns. Please include your name and user name when contacting our support team so we can access your game play information quickly.

Telephone: 1-877-261-6619

They also have online contact fields.
Yes I have already mailed the support@ (no response) info@ (didn't work).

But then I found Darolds mail and has now mailed him instead since nothing happened.
I could of course have called, but I live in europe so it would have been a bit costly.

That's really nice to hear.

Let's wait and see what Chartwells reply is, and if it isn't positive I would really love your help.
(if they do reply???)
If (when?) Chartwell do reply as a responsible company should, then I think they owe you either a lead to track down the casino operator that screwed you or to assume the obligation themselves That is the minimum required to show commitment. If they refuse to provide such assistance, they could also use their good offices to pressure the casino owner into doing the right thing here.

You might also ask them for details of the licensing jurisdiction for CaribSunshine, and bear in mind that they may also have a cosy relationship with the e-cash processor that was used and that that company is probably still holding a deposit.

They must realise that their reputation is also involved here if this dispute escalates into real publicity, and that like it or not they do have a responsibility to the consumer (player).
PS. Bear in mind too that Chartwell has made much of its strategy to attract land-based casino operators to its turnkey casino product - its reputation is important in that arena.
Thanks for the advice.

I really don't know if they want to answer. Now he's had almost 2 days to respond.

And I'm not sure but I think the casino is licensed in Belize.

In Jyde's Who Is the registrant address is from Belize and the attorney company had an office or something in Belize.

I have previously tried to mail some semi-authorities in Belize handling gambling licenses and asked if there was a caribsunshine. (No reply)
I also found a website that still promotes caribsunshine and asked if he had any contact or details on them. (no reply)

Based on the Belize connection I have tried some loose searchings:

I found a company residing on the same registrant belize address: (Commercial Equities Finance LTD). Of course doesn't have to have something to do with the casino. (Have done a search on them and found nothing)

Then I have searched on Longyield (haha sarcastic huh):

Google finds the site: Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Which apparently doesn't exist anymore because when I click it I'm directed to casinowebcam.

But in the text in google it says:
"... to Account Number 574062578741 of Provident play poker Bank & Trust of Belize Ltd
For firther credit to Account Number 701480 of Longyield Corporation Limited ..."

So maybe longyield have (had) those account numbers in the Belizean bank: Provident Bank & Trust of Belize

A lot of details but no breakthrough. Well maybe apart from the "bank accounts". But I really don't know if they can be of any help?

But in the end I would also think the best shot is chartwell's reputation.
What reputation? They have none...

Chartwell has traditionally been very silent to incoming email inquiries unless you are going to buy one of their products. I do not hold them in very high esteem.
Keep plugging away at this, Karto - persistence works. I have been working with another player on a totally different issue and his tenacity finally produced results.

Chartwell will be at the upcoming GIGSE exhibition in Montreal next week. I am going to be there, and one of the things on my "to do" list is to visit with Chartwell and find out what the hell is wrong with them.
Don't get me wrong, some of them are very friendly LOL - at least those that I met. But I still cannot support Java software and a company that does not respond to inquiries.
Not even a single reply. I can't understand why they haven't even bothered to reply no matter what they had to say. That's really lousy.

So I have now sent them a final mail stating that I will have to take other actions if they do not reply.
They have just issued another press rerlease with the following detail for the head honcho Darold Parken at the foot of it:

Darold H Parken, 877/261-6619 or 403/261-6619
Investor Relations:
David Bajwa, 877/669-4180 or 604/669-4180
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I guess they will all be in Montreal at GIGSE which starts next Tuesday - probably flying down there from Calgary in Canada right after the weekend.

Ignoring your emails is yet another indication of not only poor business conduct but a lack of professional courtesy to boot. It doesn't reflect well on this company which is about to launch a new site for an Irish bookie called

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