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Peter Sehestedt, Jyde.

I have written a fairly detailed report on GIGSE Montreal in which I have tried to cover the more professional side of the event (the piece will be appearing on several sites this week I believe)

I have emailed a copy of that to you because in one section it summarises the discussion on cross border gambling and sovereignty in which Sehestedt was involved, together with big guns from Sportingbet, Ladbrokes and Victor Chandler.
Hi admin

I believe you wrote in your montreal newsletter that debts in carib sunshine casino was only $2000 and that an investigation was going on.

I have tried contacting chartwell to see if there was an update on the situation.
But they just told me they didn't know about the $2000 and the investigation and that they were unable to contact them.

But didn't you get the info from Chartwell?
Karto - Bryan will be in after the weekend no doubt to answer the above, but I spoke with Dave Acorn who is a vice president at Chartwell whilst I was at GIGSE and I posted the following earlier in this thread by way of a report-back:

"Quick report from Montreal and specifically the discussions held on behalf of players with Chartwell (VP Dave Acorn) and RTG (Marketing Managers Eddy Kleid and Tom Brierley) both of which were visited on their GIGSE exhibition stands.

Chartwell, I was told was ripped off too by the failed Carib Sunshine casino and they are themselves trying to recover the owners who were apparently lawyers(!!!) Acorn said that the company was cognisant of the danger of damage to reputation caused by failing casinos and told me that as a consequence they had significantly tightened their acceptance procedures for potential licensees and were aiming to get more European oriented land-based owners as the preferred clientele.

They will not, however reverse their policy of staying hands off in the event of player-casino hassles. So that one was not what one would call an encouraging conclusion, and they will have to live with the consequences of stubbornly hewing to an outdated policy unpopular with the consumers.. IMO this sort of posture does not auger well for them in this market.

I also took the opportunity to urge them to more closely monitor leading MBs like this one and to respond promptly to emails sent to them."

Players should note that in the event of casino failure they can expect no support from this software provider.
Yep, I did miss this post. I normally don't monitor the board during the weekend - I've been accused of being a workoholic, and that's not cool with me.

Chartwell should have some sort of update on this since they were trying to hound these operators down.

I'll see if I can get a response out of them.
There's a poster across at WOL talking about difficulties in getting paid and answered from another Chartwell operation too - Tropical Garden Casino.
So I guess you haven't heard from them yet. At least it only took them 6 days to reply to me.
So I guess you haven't heard from them yet. At least it only took them 6 days to reply to me.

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