Captain Cooks' Black Jack



This is just my today experience with Captain Cooks Casino's Black jack -

Started with $50 : each hand bet $2 : and almost every bet (95%) I've listened to a dealer's voice : -

Dealer 10, Player 15. ...Dealer 10, Player 12....Dealer 11 Player 16 ... followed by Dealer's second card : TEN : always TEN : and my $50 finished.

Okay ! After 5 hours, tried again for another $50 :

Again !!

Dealer 10, Player 13....Dealer 11, Player 17....Dealer 10, Player 14......until another $50 gone.

No rigged, I beleived.

But compare with another casinos it look too easy to lost $100 because Dealer always get 10 and 10 and 10 cards. No more than that.

Why did dealer always get a lot of TENs ???
This is supernatural.
Me too rainman, I swore off of captain cook's after that.
IMO Microgaming BJ is seriously rigged. My own long term results are very poor. From my records, I've concluded that their BJ game has an edge of ~1%, which is much too high for the type of BJ game and rules they offer. And yes, I play perfect Basic Strategy.

I would never play any Microgaming casino without a bonus, and I would never play for big money at any Microgaming casino.

Just my opinion.
Isnt microgaming the casino that the dealer lets you double or split THEN they pull the BJ out of they have it? Not tell you first? Played BJ in the islands, Canada, 6 different US cities and Australia and never saw this rule. I think this way in itself is BS. Would you double 11 vs face card still? Still split 8's vs A or 10? split aces? Cant even find a book or website that addresses this rule variation, only wizardofadds that shows the added house advantage it gives.
It's a common game PA. Usually this rule is used in Europe and is referred to European No Hole Card. You just adjust your BS a little. At one time the Wizard had a BS chart for this rule.

I'm sure Wong's book "Basic BJ" has it covered.

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