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Jun 1, 2002

Just wanted to add a quick heads up.

Brandy Casino made public a promo they were running between the 16th - 20th July 2003, on a number of high traffic forums & also posted it here

Since the 16'th I'm aware that a large number of people have signed up for this promo & were told that their accounts would be credited yesterday.

As of today no accounts have been credited & e-mails sent are not being answered. IMO not a good look, and definately not the way to build a reputable name & or a trusting casino customer base.

The general perception is that this is a staged hoax by Brandy Casino, if so it's in bad taste.
This appears to be a free shot at $2003. You would have to win 8 hands in a row while letting it ride. Too bad they are not just running with this, they don't have much to lose.
Yeah really, I don't know the last time I ever won 8 hands in a row on let it ride! That's some long odds considering you typically expect a pair or something only every 4 hands and need 10's or better on that game to win.
EM-FUGGING-POSSIBLE to win 8 straight hands of Let It RIDE!!! You will be chasing your money all the way down to zero. These casino promotions are getting crazier by the day... BET $15 X 99 in order to cashout. LMAO, man my side hurts! :<,)

I have been credited the $10, which I played in blackjack, just to find out they have a superb dealer with an huge amount of "luck", if you know what I mean .... I'm staying away from them

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