Slow Pay Bovada Casino Payout Delayed Twice Now.

I have received 2 of 'those bank' checks in the last month from a different casino and both of mine were actual bank drafts so I bet if you look that's what you got. No hold from my bank either.

I find it interesting that this particular bank is operating for 2 different places with 2 different software.
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Bovada Experience

Just wanted to share my recent Bovada payout experience to help those still waiting on payouts. I requested payouts on April 19th and 20th and corresponded with Bovada several times via phone and e-mail. I received the same stock, non-committal answers. I e-mailed the KGC at I received a response stating that they spoke with Bovada and that Bovada was experiencing delays due to processing problems and that the KGC would follow up. One day later I received an e-mail stating that I should receive a tracking number by 6/22. Yesterday I received my tracking for both the April 19th and 20th payouts and the check arrived today via DHL.
Bovada is Accredited here - Just wondering if these payment delays (Some being longer than a month) are being RED FLAGGED by Casinomeister?

Bovada is KGC licensed so that would be the fastest route to getting action on any individual issue.

Of course any player who feels they have an actual complaint about the delays is welcome to submit a PAB (link is in my sig, please read the FAQ before proceeding).

The thread has been Reported so Bryan will be aware of the situation. It's the weekend so Monday morning is likely the earliest action can be taken.
i got an email saying i was goig to have a check by the end of the week , well in the last 3 days i been trying to get some sort of a tracking number which they could not provide for me . however they were true to their words this morning i got a knock on the door and low and behold a package for me with both withdrawals put together- im really happy . i am still mad at bovada for what they did to all of us they could of handled it differently , but right now im happy that i got my check.
and will consider playing there again , but that 20 days crap better come down to at least 10 days
Late April Payment

I am still waiting for an April 29th Payment from Bovada. Called again today-told me it was sent to courier but not able to give me a tracking number.
Can't recall if this has already been suggested but has anyone tried to contact the rep, Bovada Service? I see they've been on-site as recently as today.
This might help those waiting on tracking numbers - if DHL was used to send payment (they probably were since they seem to be the courier of choice for most casinos) you can have them give you a tracking number.

I called them and gave them my name and zipcode and they were able to give me tracking info for the 2 deliveries I received this month. Well ahead of the business sending them.

Might help.
Yes, at least today Bovada told me it would come by DHL. If I don't have a tracking number by Wednesday morning-I will try and call DHL.
Bovada Sucks

My name is Dan I am still waiting for my 1300 dollar payout approved on april 30 with no end in sight has anyone been paid recently
My name is Dan I am still waiting for my 1300 dollar payout approved on april 30 with no end in sight has anyone been paid recently

Dan, I too am waiting and am extremely disappointed. I requested a payout on April 29th. When I called Bovada today they told me my check was at least with the courier service which they said was DHL. They were unable to give me a tracking number. They also mentioned they get tracking numbers, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday--which is really not much help. I plan on calling them again Wednesday morning to see if they have a tracking number. If not, I may call DHL as other posters on here have suggested. Another option might be to contact Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

I also requested and was approved for a second payout on May 31st---Gosh, it probabaly will be August before I get any information on my second payout.
Finally Got Check Today

My $1500 payout request was made on April 24th, approved on April 27th and TODAY DHL just dropped the check off at my door.

20 emails, 10 phone calls, 38 business days....54 calendar days

Unless the check bounces I think I am done posting on this site. Good luck everyone else, I guess the only thing I can say is if I got my check you will be getting yours.

Also, I will say that I will never play online again (and this is after 10+ years of playing).

See anyone going to Las Vegas to play the later tourneys at the WSOP.

@mateopoker (twitter). :D

I requested a relatively small payout ($400) from Bovada in mid to late April. I was originally quoted 15 business days. On the 15th day I called the customer service number to see if they had a tracking number as I hadn't heard anything from them since I cashed out. The girl tells me then that the payouts are running 20 business days now and have been for about a week and mine would be caught up in that.

Obviously I wasn't too keen on hearing this for the first time only then. You'd think they'd send people an email or something rather than just leaving them hanging. So I wrote the Rep on these forums asking to speak to someone a little higher up and got a call the next day from a "Player Advocate" which could tell me bugger all beyond what the CS rep was telling me. At this point I was a little annoyed but shit happens so no biggie.

Today (aka the 20th business day) I log into my Bovada account and notice that payouts are now scheduled for 25 business days. Again, no email, no call, nothing. I was again left to find out on my own even though this "Player Advocate" promised to keep me updated.

Since I had her extension I called to check to see if this was just for new payouts or if mine would again be delayed. Much as I expected, it would again be delayed. On top of that she couldn't even tell me if the 25 business day estimate would be met or if I'd exceed even that. In fact the only two things she did tell me were "That I would be payed" and "They are working hard to resolve the issue". She literally just kept repeating those things over and over. Regardless of my statement or question the only responses I got were the two up above. It was infuriating. I could have had a more varied conversation with a bloody See and Say and it would have been just as informative. "So when should I expect my money little toy?" "The cow goes mooooo"

That brings us to the present where it's looking like it will be a month and a half or more before I see my payout through Bovada. This is unacceptable. I'm beginning to wonder what the next delay will bring. Maybe a full on 40 business days? Hell maybe they will just decide that paying people is far too much of a hassle and tell me to sit and spin. At this point who knows.

As it stands I think it's fairly obvious Bovada is currently incapable of paying their debts in a timely manner and as such should be avoided by people who expect things like being paid in a reasonable amount of time.
Called DHL

I have checked my messages repeatedly at Bovada-still no tracking number. So I called DHL and they gave me the tracking number. Check is coming from Hong Kong.

There is no reason Bovada did not have this. I suggest that anyone waiting for a late April payment contact DHL directly.
Im sure everyone knows this, but just a reminder... if you do contact DHL, you don't have to be too free with unecessary info. Just... 'my name/address is: _____, and I'm expecting a DHL package. Could you tell me when I can expect idelivery?" Too much attention drawn to all these flat envelopes, and another processor disappears.

If the casino doesn't have the tracking on the packettes, it's because they haven't been so informed by their payment processor. You all know the payment processor is a third party (located gawd knows where) and probably only sends checks out to players and tracking #'s back to casino in batches.
The best thing to do is contact the KGC if you haven't received your payout

I had no idea of how many people had delays in receiving my payout from Bovada until I read it here. After contacting Bovada Customer Service numerous times, and getting the run-around and poor excuses, I read another poster's (Xanthious) very wise suggestion to contact the Gaming Commission. (Thanks Xanthious!)

I requested a payout on May 9th and when I didn't get my payout by June 1st, I emailed the KGC that day. I received a reply that day from the KGC and a call from Bovada the next saying that I would receive a tracking number by June 15th. Bovada called me with the tracking # within a week and I received my check on June 11th.
Like I said, I read about other delays taking much longer and I didn't wait long to contact the KGC.

After seeing how long many payout delays were, I contacted the KGC as soon as my Payout was delayed for 3 weeks. If you've contacted Bovada and can't get answers, contact the KGC. I, and many others received replies from them almost immediately and checks soon started going out.

I emphatically urge anyone who is experiencing a slow/delayed payout from Bovada to send the KGC a nice email concerning your payout delay. Don't wait unnecessarily!

BE NICE! Include your Bovada account number and the date of your payout request. Expect to hear back from them within a few hours. Then, be patient a little longer. It'll happen!

Hope this helps guys! :)
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All you have to tell DHL is "I'm expecting a package. My name is XXXXX and my zip code is XXXX. Can you check and see if it has been sent or when it will be delivered?" That's it. If there is a tracking number, they will give it to you. Then you just look it up yourself on their website. It doesn't show who sent it, just when and where from. I think they work from the receiver name, not shipper.
Bovada came thru

REquested pay out on April 24, finally received check yesterday.(06/20) In the meantime, they apologized and gave me a $50 bonus which I have ran up for another pay out. Blackjack Player
Why is Western Union Payout Method taking so long, Bovada?

Ok, I understand the check delays but why is it taking days so far to receive my WU payout? It takes 15 min top to process a WU deposit, why does it take days now to receive the payout via the same method? You guys used to be so fast and now it's so slow! It's WU for goodness sake. What am I missing here? The quicker I get my payout the quicker I can deposit. Come on with it
Bovada Casino is a Grey Zone casino that is reviewed by Casinomeister

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