BootyBingo offer?


Meister of Infractions
Sep 11, 2014
I got some spam crap through my post, 400% bonus offer under code HIT, went on live chat they said only 10 wagering. :eek::confused::confused:

What is the catch, aside from slots I've never heard of before, does anyone play here, is it a scam :confused:


Dormant account
Dec 18, 2014
This from their terms should be sufficient for you to run for the hills :rolleyes:

What are the Minimum/Maximum Deposit and Withdrawal Amounts?

The minimum deposit amount at Booty Bingo is £10; the minimum withdrawal amount is £30.
The maximum weekly withdrawal limit is £300 for all games. In the case of you winning a bingo or slots progressive jackpot, you will be paid £1,000 each week.
We reserve the right to increase or decrease the withdrawal limits for certain accounts.

How quickly will my Withdrawal Request be processed?

We process withdrawal request daily on working days. We aim to process your withdrawal request within 3 working days after the request has been received.
If we have approved a higher withdrawal limit of £1,000 or more for your account, please note that withdrawals of £1,000+ may take longer to process. In addition, we only allow a total maximum monthly withdrawal of £5,000.

EDIT: If not read some of the complaints here:
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EDIT 2: And they own all these crappy sites as well:
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