Bonus Slots, how may spins before the bonus round?


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Dec 21, 2004
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Bonus Slots, how many spins before the bonus round?

Considering the huge number of spins played at this kind of slots by many members of the forum, I'd like to ask em some usefull information for a slot addicted as I am becoming. :p
Once decided which is the hottest slot of the moment, what's your betting strategy? I find flat betting quite boring, and I obviously try to increase the bet when i suppose the bonus round is near.
How often (more or less) does the bonus round occur in the different slots?
I play mostly MG slots, and this is what i've noticed:

Thunderstruck, LadiesNight, SpringBreak - free spins every 150 spins (is it really the same for all of em?)
TombRaider - idols every 40 spins / free spins every 100 spins
GoldenGoose (TT-WW) - Goose every 40 spins / free spins every 3-4 gooses

Hope to see the opinion of the various slots-masters :notworthy
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davescamp said:
Thunderstruck... - free spins every 150 spins

According to the payout page for Thunderstruck, the free spins feature is activated with three or more scatter rams, and if you hit three or more scatter rams during the feature, it is reactivated. How did you arrive at 150 spins?
150 is not the precise number of spins teoretically needed to hit the bonus round, based on reels mapping, it's (more or less) how often I have to spin before getting it!
I have had the geese come up 4 times on the trot before, and had 450 spins without a feature on ladies and thunderstruck. But are they not meant to be random?
I have played a billiontrillionmilliongazillion well a lot of spins on these games and I have seen 900 plus spins before the bonus more than a few times and 500+ lots of times, so beware and dont chase because you will be broke before you know it, but on the other hand the odd time I have had 5 or 6 bonus games within 100 spins (more often on spring break), anyway good luck. :thumbsup:

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