Bonus money vs real money


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Dec 14, 2020
Typical!! Was playing on Whamoo casino.. Deposited 2600euro got 1 bonus wich paid 23x... Went in ti the chat and asked for a bonus and got 50€ bonus... Open the same game and got a bonus after 5spin wich paid 196x5eu.. And after that bonus all the time got my balance upp to 2400euro bot couldnt wagger the bonus because she gave me a sick wagger 20 000euro😂... Does really not the slot know that ut is bonus money... This had happend me so many times i, i play and the slot is dead the. I take a bonus and somehow tve slot wakes up from the dead..


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Aug 26, 2010
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Bonus money at most, if not all places is crap, a useless carrot on a stick, keep you there money. One place I play has decent wagering on their deposit bonuses but I never clear wagering. So, I do take the offer, but for only a few bucks... play a bit, if I get lucky, fine, more likely I lose it, but I am not frustrated by a ridiculous wager req.