Blue Square


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Jan 25, 2011
Ontario, Canada
Ok, so it says here it is accredited, so I think, ok I will give it a go.
So I try to register, I am NOT from any of the countries who cannot register.
I fill it all out and get this message
There was a communication fault, please contact customer service....
so i attempt to...twice....left hanging for over 10 minutes both times...never even got to talk to a real person....I am guessing they aren't hurting for business if they wont let you register or even answer the customer support request.:what:


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May 29, 2004
On the casino side, last time I asked which was about 18 months ago, Virgin, Paddy Power and Boyles (who all use the same software) had Canada on their banned list primarily, as I understand it, because IGT won't allow Canadians to play their games.

My guess is Blue Sq were subject to that rule as they also have the games. I also think I'm right in saying that Paddy Power alowed Canadians to sign up to their games site, but deposit options were often too restrictive to make much of it.

Pinababy would probably know more in the current climate as things may have changed since then.