bingocafe not paying to US customers!


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Jul 1, 2005
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I recently played at bingo cafe and I wanted to make a cashout. Unfortunately, they closed my account because they stopped accepting US customers without notifying me. So then I contacted support numerous times for cashing out by check but they ignored me. So I don't really know whats going on but they definitely do not want to seem to pay.
Bingo cafe ( and all leapfrog sites as well ) stopped taking US players a couple of months long ago did you play there?
I signed up in early january I was able to play for a few weeks but then suddenly I was unable to login without them notifying me of anything.:mad:
I found these email addresses for them:

even though i am in NY and my state has begun filtering to block me from sites...
i can get to live help at bingo cafe by using this:
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just copy and paste bingo cafes addy (
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) into the 'starting url' box, and then wont they be surprised you made contact, lol.
try to get an 800 number from them if they can not help you. :thumbsup:

Good luck nd I hope you can get some answers.
BingoCafe Pays all players

Hi Tesla

Due current market conditions, BingoCafe were forced to not take any US bets. We will however pay ALL players ANY monies owed to you. I am surprized that support did not get back to you as that is unusual. It is possible that email was not recieved as we find email to be less and less reliable.

Please email and copy in with your user details and I will make sure your funds are sent to you.

I assure you that it is not BingoCafes intention to keep anyones money.

Kind regards
Bingo Cafe Manager
They still are NOT PAYING!!! I was supposed to receive a check by mid-march, but it never arrived and then they said wait 2 more weeks, and it still hasn't arrived. And they are ignoring my emails also. :mad:

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