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Apr 4, 2005
Has anyone here ever played at Bingo Card? (bingoa2z network, has many different names). If so, what are your thoughts? I've been a player there for a long time, years actually, and have had mostly good sessions, but am finding some things I don't really like. Interested to see if I'm the only one.
jenn1381 said:
Has anyone here ever played at Bingo Card? (bingoa2z network, has many different names). If so, what are your thoughts? I've been a player there for a long time, years actually, and have had mostly good sessions, but am finding some things I don't really like. Interested to see if I'm the only one.
I've never played there, but in your several years of play, did you cash out and get paid? Please let us know what things you are finding out that you don't like...
I have had negative feedback about bingoa2z and will not allow it on my page.

I would be very interested in hearing about your experiences.
Well, my experiences there up until a while ago were always positive. The CH's are great, they give away tons of bonus money, and the deposit bonus was/is always at least 200%. The wagering requirements is 3x on bingo and 12x's on casino games. What I found was that cashing out was hard. I did manage to do so a few times and was always paid. It's a lot of the same winners (but that can be said at ANY bingo site), but lately I'm noticing that it's the same people over and over again. This morning I was in one of the rooms. There were only 5 players and the same person won every game during the hour and a bit that I was there except for one that I won, and two that others won. Anytime the pot was over $15 you knew straight away who was going to win it. These were fast patterns, too. So many, many games were played.

The pots in the quarters room are capped prizes, usually over $100 even during the day. At night there are very attractive looking jumping jackpots and a guarenteed $1500-$1000 game Friday-Monday. Sounds great, right? Well, try winning a game! I see the same names pop up over and over again. I know that some people are lucky, and play max cards so they're probably going to win more.. but everyone's luck eventually comes to an end, right?!

The clincher for me, and what sealed their coffin as having me as a customer, happened yesterday morning. I was playing in one of the quarters rooms, and there was typically 8-10 players a game. One of the fast patterns took forever to win, I had 1tg all over the place. Finally, my card turned red, said "winner" and matched the pattern. However, when the box that lists the winners popped up, my name was not on it. Someone else won on 3 cards (the same person as always!). I sent in a trouble ticket explaining what had happened, and of course, they came backing saying we've reviewed it, you didn't win, blah blah blah. I wrote back saying something to the effect of they better get their software checked, because this is not the first time this has happened. If it was a bigger prize, I would have freaked. Lucky for them it was very small. However, in thinking about it, I don't think I'll be going back.

I've given them more $$ than I care to even think about, and rarely had a cash out. Makes me wonder what the hell I've been doing all these years! You used to be able to play for a week on each deposit though, which was part of the allure. Kept you playing a long long time. Now, I'm lucky to get through one day. The big pots they advertise are impossible to win, unless you're one of the chosen few.

Is there a safe bingo site out there? I've read through a lot of the threads on here and most seem to say party bingo.. which I tried once and absolutely HATED.. I doubt I'd ever give that one a try again. Maybe I should stick to MG slots... seems like most bingo sites are crooked, and the ones that aren't don't offer big enough bonuses for a small time player such as myself. If I was smart, I'd quit gambling all together.. yeah.. like that's ever gonna happen :lolup:

I used to play at bingocard and the thing that gets me is they SWEAR they don't allow CMs to play; but it is blatently obvious tat they do!

I now play at cashmill and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

NO BS cashout rules
NO hassles
NOT the same people winning over and over!

I won a 500.00 JP my 3rd day there playing penny cards!
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I had a strange pm from someone asking me about the free bingo tournament saying that they have never played free bingo for cash, but they have payed cash for playing bingo and have been payed cash for playing bingo???

I should have digged deeper -- I'd really be interested in knowing where they were paid to play though I could probably guess.

Unless they just meant that they won.
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I began playing at BingoLOL about a year and a half ago...They used to have guaranteed, with no playthrough, coverall games on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nites for different amounts ranging from $1K to $5K. Within the the first three days of my joining, I won one of the $2K coverall games, requested the payout and received it immediately within two days into my then Neteller account.

About a month or so after I won that game, they stopped having the guaranteed, no playthrough, coveralls and began playing a wide variety of other 'guaranteed' games such as "Enough is Enough" , etc. However, whether these games were guaranteed 'cash' or guaranteed 'bonus money', they were still required to have the player meet the playthrough rules before you could cash out.

If you won a $1K Deal or No Deal game, you had to wager $3000 back before you could request a cash out (3X bingo)...if you spun a slots games even ONE time, you immediately how were required to meet the $12,000 wager (12X casino rules), making it nearly impossible to ever get a cashout.

If you had money in your account, no matter what the amount, and deposited before you met any playthrough requirements, you now bumped your playthrough requirement by your deposit, your bonus for depositing, and any chat bb's or 'guaranteed' games you might win. It was a vicious circle that was extremely hard to meet.

If you EVER had your chat disabled for ANY reason and couldn't beg your way via management to enable it again, you literally were left in a rut at the side of the road because nearly EVERY game played in chat, like Deal or No Deal, Enough is Enough, etc. that paid big pots, were ALL based on your qualifying to get into those games via a special CHAT DEPOSIT window that would pop up during games. You had to make your deposit during the period of time that showed in the window in order to get into those games....if your chat was disabled, you NEVER saw those windows pop up so the ONLY thing you ever got again from the site was a deposit bonus and the ability to play bingo or slots with your money/bonus.

I had a disagreement with a Chat Host at the freebeebingo site they own (it was being hosted by the same management Hosts from the networked A2Z game rooms (they all go to the same game), and when she disabled my chat in their free site, it disabled my chat completely across the entire network at the same time. I then wrote to Management and told him to close my account entirely since without access to the chat games they play, their site was useless. I strongly suspect that I would have never won another dime at their sites at that point anyhow. I had over $3000 in my account via slots at their freebee site and could have easily made a deposit and had it all bounce into a playthrough situation according to them; however, what were the odds that I could parlay it into over $36,000 in order to request a cashout anyhow (12X casino)? lol

I've noticed at their site's newsletter that they have a $1K 'guaranteed' coverall on Saturday nites again....but I'm not sure if it's a clean guaranteed pot without playthrough rules. For anybody interested in talking with their LiveHelp to find out if there is no playthrough for it, you might want to give it a shot.....otherwise, be careful in their chat rooms. It's very clique-ish and if you aren't in the 'group', you know it right away because you really feel the chill in the air.
Obviously they hope players don't read the playthrough requirements if you play slots and hope you play slots. I don't play at sites that have tough playthrough requirements like that anymore.

When I did play there I thought all of the chat hosts were nice though, and I wasn't in any clique. I was a newbie who was made to feel very welcome.

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