Beware of Aceclub Casino


Dormant account
Jan 28, 2005
I deposited 100$ by credit card on tuesday and still have not seen the money on my casino account.

I talked to support several times (thinking I could solve that without going public). All I was told was obvious lies. They called me back twice promising me that I will get the money within 24 hours.

The money never appeared in my casino account.

I requested a manager and was forwarded to a manager only to find out afterwords that I have talked to a "normal" support person.

They lied to me several times.

I am deeply concerned that I will not get my money from that casino.

I even sent them a copy of my passport and they confirmed me that everything is ok.

Beware of that casino!
I did not want to bore you with details, but since tuesday, support of that "casino" is constantly telling me lies by live chat and on the phone.

So I really hope you are right, but I am deeply concerned about getting my money out.
I am glad that I can report that after another hour of differenct live chats and phone calls they finally gave me my money back to my Neteller account.

Still they wanted me to wait another 48 hours to be able to put the money to my casino account. Still they put me on hold on the phone for 10 minutes after which the connection was cancelled, still they forwarded chat to nowhere, letting me sit there for minutes waiting.

But at least I have my money back.

Thanks for the input.


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