GENERAL WARNING Beware Facebook/WhatsApp casinos out of Malaysia


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Jan 20, 2004
We've seen a spate of complaints recently against pirate operations running out of Malaysia. The "casinos" advertise on Facebook, collect payments through WhatsApp and many have ridiculous names like AUDabet7, UA8Bet, FishGames or MoneySlot.

These "casinos" are totally unlicensed, unregulated, largely unmanned fronts that are simply there to hoover up as much cash as possible. And when -- not "if" -- you have a problem then you're basically screwed: there is no one to complain to and no one will give a fat rat's arse about your issue. Facebook ignores the problem, WhatsApp does the same, the "casino" can't be reached by any reasonable method (Telegram to some anonymous drop-box does not count as Support). Players are left sad, mad and poorer for the experience and there is nothing anyone can do for them.

WARNING: Avoid these Facebook/WhatsApp money traps like the plague. Full stop.
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