GENERAL WARNING Talk to the Hand: Parimatch, Topbet, VegasRush, YetiWin


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Jan 20, 2004
This time around we have a collection of casinos that are either ignoring player complaints or using the tired old "privacy policy" excuse to avoid discussing complaints. Just to be clear, in any reasonable jurisdiction the casino should be willing to discuss a player's issue, especially if the player sends them specific authorization for them to do so. We're happy to request the player do that any time the casino wishes it. The fact is casinos that use the "privacy policy" excuse are really just saying "we don't want to discuss it" or, to put it another way, "talk to the hand".

Parimatch (
This one isn't a specific case, just a general heads-up to players with issues at Parimatch. I think we've received at least six serious complaints against Parimatch over the past 12 months -- everything from arbitrary confiscations to complete failures of Responsible Gaming practice -- and their response is always the same:
We don't provide any information about our customers to the third persons according to our privacy policy. ... The player can contact Support for assistance.
No amount of explanation or formal authorization from the player to them makes any difference. So player beware: any trouble at Parimatch is your problem, not theirs.

Topbet (
This case was six months old before the player came to us. They won and requested a USD900 withdrawal but the casino kept coming up with excuses for payments never arriving. Them repeatedly saying "We are working on it and will let you know when we hear back from the payout team" was what the conversation finally degenerated into. The player came to us, we tried to contact the casino -- several times, as usual -- and got nothing from them in response.

Topbet claims to hold a Curacao license but does not name the Master License nor do they display any verification badges, both of which are required by casinos properly licensed in Curacao. It is highly likely that this casino is not licensed at all and just has the Curacao rubbish up to dupe unwary players.

VegasRush (
In this case the player had been trying for months to get a USD1500 withdrawal processed but was getting nothing but delays and excuses: "give us 24 hours", "let us look into your problem and get back to you", etc etc. And it wasn't for lack of trying:
I've emailed support , banking and complaints multiple times. I get a response saying a support ticket has been opened, but never hear anything more about it.
When the player came to us and we approached the casino we got no response. Utter silence, which probably shouldn't be too much of a surprise since they appear to be totally unlicensed and unregulated. Wise players would look elsewhere for their casino services.

YetiWin (
Another unlicensed casino: here the player discovered the casino was not licensed in their jurisdiction so they approached the casino and asked for a refund on their deposits. The casino asked for full KYC and the player provided it. The casino said they would process the refund. When nothing happened the player asked and was then told no refund would be given. At that point the player came to us.

We approached the casino they said they needed either the OP's email address or phone number in order to look into it. Email address was of course included in the original PAB emailed to them which I resent. The player also provided the phone number. No response from the casino. When we pressed them on it they replied "We are not able to provide any information to third parties. Players should contact us from their registered email address." When we explained who we are and what we do and offered to have the player send them a statement authorizing us to discuss the issue on their behalf we got nothing, even after several tries. The conversation ended there.

As with the previous cases the moral of the story here is pretty simple: unlicensed casinos are free to offer players absolutely nothing in terms of dispute resolution. They can do what they like, when they like, as much as they like and there is no one to tell them otherwise. Avoid these places people, your chances of getting ripped off and kicked to the curb are very, VERY high.
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