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Mar 18, 2006
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Hi all,

I signed up with put 50 in my account (got a 50 bonus with 3x WR) and started placing bets.

After placing 212.00 in bets I decided to withdraw my money.

After CS on live chat had threatened to take my bonus and winnings away from me because "they thought I only opened the account for the bonus", I decided I needed to get my money out of this disgrace posing as a sportsbook.

After going through the withdrawal process the confirmation screen said the money would be in my account Moneybookers account in a few hours. After nothing being in my account the next day I phoned up and was told that the withdrawal would be processed that day.

After nothing being in my account the day thereafter I phoned up and was told by a thoroughly rude CS that my account was being checked for "bonus abuse" and that they were considering not paying me!!!! After asking to speak to the management the CS was further rude and aggressive, referring me to their arbitary terms and conditions which seems to purport to allow betchance to solely rule that a player only signed up for an account for a bonus and accordingly not pay up.

Now a lot of casinos and books have t+c that say a casino/book can decide not pay a bonus for whatever reason it decides but no reputable casino actually enforces this rule.

What do you guys think I should do? The company is based in Malta so I will probably put a formal complaint in via their regulatory body.
Jeez, those are nasty t&c's they got - totally out of order, and a horrible experience you had, albeit several months ago. They're supposedly Maltese regulated - can they get away with this sort of stuff? I mean - what is the point of offering a bonus with a 3x wager requirement before w/d, to get you to sign-up, only to also say that if you do that you're an abuser & won't get the bonus, nor be able to 'make any query' - whatever that, rather ominous caveat, means? If they don't like it, make it 10x or 20x instead, and then honour the terms. Suppose they wouldn't get as many sign-ups now would they, though.

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