Bet MGM - What a day


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Dec 8, 2023
So for anyone who likes a bet, Cheltenham week is usually the best week of the year.
After all the hype from Chris Rock my partner opened an account with them, placed a qualifying bet and got 6 x £10 free bets. She was impressed with the quick withdrawal of her first winnings, deposited £200 for Cheltenham bets, started with £10 on the first winner @ 9/2 and the second winner @ 2/1..... and now the site has been down for over an hour.
Oh Bet MGM, what a disaster on the busiest week of the year.
When your marketing is TOO successful this is what happens I guess. Never under estimate the floods of UK punters who will come charging for 6 x £10 free bets!
I think they definitely underestimated the response they would get, but maybe its not turned out to be that bad for them as lots of fancied horses have won today and it might have cost them more if they had been taking bets throughout the day.
Same shitshow today with them, but at least my partner had the sense to withdraw last night when the site was up, though it’s still pending and she’ll likely get a SOW because she’s ahead.
Not the best way to win market share…

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