Best online bingo site?


May 17, 2006
Hi all you bingo freaks
My mother has been asking me to set her up on an online bingo site, and being a casino/poker person i thought i would ask the experts:D
She has absolutely no experience in any form using a computer so the site needs to be very easy to use/pick up.
Are there 1 or 2 that stand out that wouldnt confuse her too much? or are they all very much alike?
She would be playing u.k afternoons/early evenings if that makes a difference to game selection.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated

There are various softwares.

According to my statistics, leapfrog is the most popular. It is also very easy to navigate and understand.

Of those, probably Bingo liner is best.

This is just what I conclude from which bingos people who visit my site choose and are loyal to.
I've always found to be very fair! If you fancy trying the St Minver network (big PJPs and cool promotions) I would recommend

Bingo is purely a game of luck.

If your mother don’t know how to play a particular game at online casino?

Read the review of the all the online casino games at Casino games section. Found the online casino game that excites her? Go on play at my recommended online casinos.

Learn to play the games without a Real Account at Free games section.

Bingo is purely a game of luck. Just make sure the choice of the casino is right and enjoy the game!!
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I'd have to recommend Astro Bingo; it's free to join and you get given 5 free credit before having to enter any credit card details! Gives you a chance to try it and get comfortable before paying.
How silly they are all FREE

How silly they are all FREE to try before they take any money.
Bingo Palace UK or BingoSuite is the order I like them.
I was a big fan of PartyBingo but they don't like US players.
Good News...

Good News...ewalletXpress is coming soon to The Bingoroom Network. ~~~~~~~ products-ewallet
For all your banking needs to play Bingo Online At BingoSuite is it a place you can trust?

Hello. as far as I know there are different types of bingo games. For example, you can play with computer or with other online gamblers have a great Bingo room with a well used chat feature. There is a progressive as well as 90 ball bingo room. It is UK based so she will not have any trouble. They also have a fantastic customer service team and the 'how to play' tab is foolproof.

oh, also they give you a 5 GBP for creating a funky nickname!

Hope this helps:)

That is a very good Bingo
If I need something from them they are on top of things.
They reply fast.
And this goes for Vic's or BingoHall also. is very good too.
I don't just say this because im an affiliate
Have a great Bingo of a day.

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