best MG?


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Oct 2, 2008
I know by far that it is 32 red =) but If i want a bonus to extend my playtime, where do I go?
I wanna have like 100% with reasonable wagering =)

So, tell me =)


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Jun 5, 2009
32RED, DASH and NedPlay has (as you know) monthly 100% match bonuses. For those who live in UK I know that Ladbrokes have monthly bonuses also. (I know that you as a Swede are considered smarter than those.. :D and probably not are eligible..)

Jackpot City and the others in Belle Rock group often have 100% bonuses.

I think that several MG casinos have a big signup bonus. Canbet had a huge bonus here at CM. Maybe it´s still there?

Check them here:

At Gowild they often have good ones i think, at least they often give free spins etc.

I don´t know more right now.


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May 29, 2004
I seem to remember KK saying that Ladbrokes have the best WR on a signup bonus from the MG brigade.

De Beuker

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Apr 20, 2009
Forget Ladbrokes, if you're not from the UK, Ireland, Swaziland or Boghotha or someting like that, lol.
Neteller is also a no-go there..

But Fortune Loungegroup have some VERY good welcome offers, definately worth checking out!
And you can claim them across the entire group also, not just one, I think its only limited to one or 2 per day.


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Purple Lounge have 100% bonuses, and other than for Neteller & Moneybookers, WR has halved to 25xB (from 50xB).

They do, curiously, lock accounts (after paying out) rather than merely "bonus ban" players. This was discussed in a different thread, and there seem to be no "rules" a player can stick to in order to not get their account locked. It seems to be down to whether they like your style, rather than any overt acts of "bonus abuse". They do NOT ban players merely for winning (this is what the rep said), and to support this claim, I have surged 25K ahead there, and have NOT been banned (yet:D). Other players seem to have been banned despite LOSING.

The rest of the stable do NOT offer 100% bonuses, but lower percentages (other than sign-up bonuses). VIP players MAY get the odd 100% bonus.

Palace Group have weekend promotions, and occasionally a 100% bonus will be offered, although more often the range is 25% to 50%. Winning earns a bonus ban (I won, and I am bonus banned at ALL their sites now, even the one I am 10K DOWN at).

The impending UIGEA may further cut the bonuses on offer, and the next year could be very lean for players.


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Mar 11, 2005

Casinomeister don't even answer!!! I will answer for you :D Hands down you will pick.....32 Red!!!!! How do I know this.....Because they pay you the most!!!!! We have a winner.....ohhh....aahhhhh.....:D

I'm just kidding of course ;)

Or am I :confused:

As the casino Reps jump all over this