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Feb 15, 2008
Hi, i am wondering if anyone can help me as i am having big problems with rakecity who run the affiliate programme for battlefield poker. I have had no contact with anyone from the affiliate programme since setting up this account and i have sent 15 emails in 8 months as well as live help !! passing on messages for me to the affiliate desk. This is frustrating as i am trying to set up games on battlefield and now when i am starting to earn commission i am not receiving any payment nor is it showing any payment due. Any advice, contact details or similar experiences would help, cheers
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Probably not much you can do

Seems like you got screwed by the affiliate and the site will probably not let you create another account under a more trustworthy affiliate so you can probably forget about battlefield.
Contact and/or Also the affiliate manager for BFP is . Their support leaves much to be desired though. There are tons of Prima skins you can play on, with BFP's horrible support I would find another one.

Well i contacted am@battlefield and got a reply last monday, they will look into my account and so on, next reply finance will make a payment of $52 this week which is a lot less then im due but we wait and see, lo and behold its now Saturday and still no payment being processed

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