Bad overall experience with online casinos


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Dec 17, 2015
Hello there.

I am relatively new to online casinos.

Opened accounts on several of them, and had terrible experiences with their support and bank teams.

I have literally sent 3 different types of all the documents they asked, every time they would ask for something new or that something is missing (for example a document with IBAN, SWIFT and bank URL all together lmao, I have searched numerous documents from my bank and couldnt find a document with bank URL, just google it lol)

Casinos are just trying to delay these kinds of things as much as possible, they never answer in 30 minutes but in 23 hours. Usually those replies contain of stupid questions to delay the withdrawals as much as possible.
I am not talking about huge WD's, these are pretty minor compared to what I usually lose on those sites.

For example, I made 3 withdrawals today on Betsson, all minor but still decent for me.
They werent processed for like 12 hours and I got an email that they need like 10 documents to verify my account.
Since they dont have an option to lock WD, I self excluded today for 24hrs so I dont cancel them and lose the money.

In their email, they asked of me to cancel the WD's from my credit card to my bank account.
What sense does this make? I can't withdraw to my credit card but have to withdraw to my bank account. My credit card is the one connected to that same account lol.

I know about the cyclic payments and withdrawals and I fulfilled the circle of payments with the first two withdrawals today.
For the third withdrawal, I had the option to choose between credit card and bank account.
I chose credit card, and now I am told that I cant withdraw to it. What the hell lol?

I am contacting their rep here so he can check this for me.

Do you also have similar experiences like this on all the sites? Which sites do you recommend that dont behave like this to their players?

Btw not trying to blame Betsson or anything, its just that I would be waiting 10 days for this if I dont contact their rep here.
Betsson was great so far except the lack of the option of locking withdrawals.


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Apr 12, 2014
New Zealand
The best casino for me is "Videoslots" followed by "Trada casino."
Videoslots withdrawal is really fast, probably the fastest one among online casiinos and they have lock withdrawal feature, Trada withdrawal is fast too, not sure if they have lock withdrawal feature.
Both casino has a really active rep here.

I think it's not good that Betsson took so long to communicate with you, but the fact that you can't withdraw to your credit card might not be the casino's fault.
I used to use Visa debit is issued by one of the bank I'm using, I was able to withdraw to that debit card a first few times, but after that, the bank doesn't accept money from a casino any more. It happened with a few casinos, so I'm using Visa Debit from a different bank now.

Anyway still it's not good that you had to wait for so long for your winning.
Try a few casinos on accredited casino section with high scores.


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Oct 3, 2019
Probably but Trada games are offering illegal play to Dutch players, putting them at risk. Watch out fellow dutch.. They do not have a dutch license, and should actually restrict players from holland joining.. If you do play and win big: oops you breached terms
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