B3W soft


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May 10, 2007
ok, what do you think about this group? great high roller bonuses BJ count through WR but any licences and no credit card deposits.... Below I paste a part of reviews of this soft:
""B3W software is undeniably streaky in my experience. However, the payout percentages of all hands I have analyzed are consistent with their expectation""

Can We try to do some money on B3W soft?


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Jul 11, 2004
Planet Earth (I think)
Dont play with them.

The BJ may be fine (won on them, and they are very very streaky), however as the Wizard has already mentioned, and I have tried for myself (and so have many others here)and was quite clear that there was a problem with the randomness it, and they have never come upfront about it. That is how a shady company works in my opinion.


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Jun 2, 2006
Yes somewhere in the mess of tests the wizard has found B3W's VP to not be random, I did a brief search today but could not find it, they do have some fun slots though and I have won and been paid by AeroPlayer, that was a couple yrs back so this is by no means an endorsement.


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Jan 17, 2006
Barcelona, Spain

I've written something about them in a post about Futurebet.

I know well this software as it is one of my favourite with Wagerworks (I prefer no download casinos).
I've been playing there for years mostly in Casino Solera (spanish/english) but also in Monte Casino (french/spanish).
I play essentially slots (the new one developped on the Lucky Luke license is awesome), blackjack and video poker.
I've never had problems with them, they give very generous bonuses and they always pay without making troubles, even when playing with bonuses (check the wagering requirements, I remember they are not the same in their casinos, especially concerning BJ and roulette), which is very rare today.
The support is only by email (that sucks) but they answer fast and professionally.
It's one of the best email support I've seen.
Now concerning the software, it's inequal in its quality.
The recent games are really outstanding such as Las Vegas Show, d'Artagnan, Paris, Lucky Luke, etc...but also the multi hands video pokers.
The american roulette (they don't even have a european version), the scratch cards, the JoB, ToB but also the progressive slots (and other ones too) look outdated.
They are licensed in Costa Rica, which is not a sign of high standards but I've received the confirmation that they've started moving to Malte (should be completed in 3 or 4 months).
Concerning the payment options, they are limited.
Personally, I always deposit with my credit card and get paid by wire transfer.
I've been told that this is going to change (money processing) at the same time they are changing juridiction.
As a conclusion, I will say that I have good winning sessions there, I'm being generously rewarded (bonus + gifts such as expensive cigars and cognac bottle, football and concert tickets, etc...) and I'm being paid fast and without questions while mine are always answered.