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Jul 20, 2003
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I did an research here and only saw few posts about this caino. I deposit $100 and play the VP (and wish for RF :D ) BUT I got an Straight Flush :p . I am very happy. I didn't even know it until I saw the bank roll jump $200 more.

Well, I request withdrawal immediately. It's nice to see some winning after I had been lost 3 times at casino and $$$$$ at my stock investments :( .

Cipher is only one has good command on this casino. Anyone has experience???
I had played once at Aspinall's and my experience wasn't bad.The customer support is friendly based on my experience in a covnersation on the phone.Payout by cheque is a bit slow.
I've played with this group a few times.
The very first time when I asked for my money, it's a huge pain becuase they ask for 2 recent utility bills (within 60 days) and a photo ID. After that, they pay in 3-4 business days without any hassle.
BTW, how did you win $200 with a straight flush? Straight flush only pay 50x your bet. Betting 1.25 should get you 62.5 in return.
I didn't ask for the sign up bonus. I look at my Screen shot. Yes, It's strgiht flush. Pay is 250 coins. I bet $2.50 a hand. :p

So I deposit $100 and withdrawal $200. :rolleyes: Should I "take the chance" to require th bonus or just walk away with the $100 win??? :rolleyes:
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