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Apr 15, 2000
This casino must be the most generous around. I got given nearly $3500 in free chips in the last couple of weeks with their blackjack and roulette promotions.

Last week they were giving $100 free for every 300 hands at blackjack and I played for a few hours and got nearly $1000 free. The thing was I was up anyway quite a lot even without the extra free money and I was only betting a flat amount each time.

A couple of weeks ago they were giving $75 free for every 50 spins in roulette (betting $5 minimum each spin) and I got $2350 free.

With both of these you had to wager the free cash three times before withdrawing but I still made thousands in profit. The promo money is really weird though in that you have to bet big otherwise you can't withdraw much of it.
Having studied Ascots promotions I have to say they look fairly good my only nagging doubt is if they pay you but youve recieved payment Sirius so it does look a good thing
This week's promotion is crap though. Maybe they were losing too much in the last two weeks. I haven't actually got paid yet. It usually takes just over a week for the pending cashouts to arrive.
I've had many nagging doubts about Ascot ever since Sharon had so much trouble withdrawing her bonus. She said she had more trouble trying to understand the terms and conditions of the bonus then with any other casino on the net.

Last year I went to thier website a couple of times, only to get a connection refused. A month later I got on the the website with no problem. The site lacks the professionalism of most other online casinos, and its help files are not very comprehensive.

I played many of the games in practice mode, and found them to be generic.

On the plus side, this casino does at least have a toll free customer support # which is open 24 hrs.
The customer support number isn't actually 24 hours because half the time it's an answering machine and you can leave a message (you have to phone at the right time in other words to speak to someone).

Their website and email address is sometimes down and not working but this hasn't happened for a while.

Also recently the games servers have been really slow at times. You can play 300 hands an hour at blackjack though usually.

The bonus chips are weird in that it is best to withdraw after each win otherwise if you lose the next time, it is taken away from the available amount you can withdraw. I suppose one way is to bet it all at once and then you've doubled it and can withdraw it all. Usually I divide it into a few amounts and withdraw immediately whenever I win anything. Recently you have to wager three times the amount of the bonus before withdrawing anything but this didn't used to be the case (I don't know what they do if you don't wager 3X before withdrawing).
Just to let you know that I've been paid by Ascot into my account today. The last cashout is still pending but the previous one has been paid.
I visited recently and heard they were reviewing some casinos soon including Ascot. Anyway, I went there again today and it was given a 'bad' rating. I've got no idea why because he gives no reason for any of the reveiws!

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Also, last time, the wizardofodds review page mentioned the reason for the bad review for Shangri-La Casino. I think it refused to pay him the bonus even after he complied with all the rules of wagering the required amount etc.

Anyway, now the review section doesn't state that at all and has hardly any information on any of the casinos.
I played Ascot on promo money at Thanksgiving and hit the three $ signs to win another promotion worth $5,000 in casino chips. However, they said I was playing with their money without making a deposit and was not eligible for the money. I got a pat on the head and $500 to play with (I was not allowed to draw it out). Boy, that money went fast. After I hit, I cashed out $196, but never got that, either. Sure, I never deposited any money, but don't tell me you're going to give it to me and then don't.
Well, Ascot have paid me quicker than usual this time. I had two cashouts pending, the last one from less than a week ago (Saturday). I received all the money due today in my account, and it totals over $5000. The exchange rate is quite good too at the moment which is nice.

Laura, wait another week at most because they recently told you they would pay you. Also do u have a credit card registered with them because that's how they usually pay?
Do they respond to email? At all?

I wrote to ask a couple of questions before playing for real money last Thursday, resent it on Friday, now still waiting on Monday.

Are they too busy to deal with potential customers, or do they ignore their paying customers as well?
I already got a reply from Ascot Casino from Jessica Decadanet (I think they make the names up)

She stated in it:

"Regarding the transaction for Mrs. Perkins I processed it my self.

The amount sent was $196.5.
This was sent to the credit card last four digits xxxx and the transaction
number is xxxx.

I haven't posted the actual numbers. I've forwarded the email to you, Laura, already. They didn't say when it was processed but it must have been at least a few days ago because it takes a few days for them to get approval from the credit card company.
Laura, I think they haven't processed it yet. That transaction number is far too low. That must have been processed last year if that transaction number is correct.

I'll email them again about it and tell them it's still in pending withdrawels. When it has been processed it doesn't show as pending any more and it appears in your account within a couple of days. have a forum. I found this in the gambling grumbles forum. Gambling grumbles suspiciously removed a very large complaint about Snap Casino and others in the perplexa group (they are advertisers). I have it and put it in a new thread in case anyone is interested.

4. ASCOT CASINO Feb-23-00 06:34 AM
ASCOT CASINO -- "Army" is not "Navy"
Ascot Casino is giving a $50 bonus to a West Pointer whose winnings were delayed while it investigated a fraud it says was perpetrated by a group of Annapolis midshipmen.
J, of the United States Military Academy, wrote to Gambling Grumbles to find out why Ascot was withholding his $550 -- which he had been trying to collect since mid-November.
In a series of e-mails between Ascot and Gambling Grumbles -- which culminated in a personal meeting in Tel Aviv -- Ascot revealed that some Navy midshipmen have been attempting to defraud the casino out of bonuses by opening multiple accounts.
Afraid that this might have spread to West Point, they flagged J's account while hiring an investigator to check the extent of the fraud.
Henri, Ascot's vice president of customer relations, wrote to Gambling Grumbles to confirm that J was completely cleared of any suspicion that he had been involved in these activities.
Not content with that, however, Ascot -- who happened to have a representative visiting Israel (where Gambling Grumbles is edited) -- asked for a personal meeting to set the record straight.
The representative was very unhappy about the delay in paying J and said Ascot would apologize by giving him a $50 bonus.
Does anyone want to bet on who Ascot will be rooting for in the next Army-Navy game?
At the time of Sirius' last post, and thanks to his e-mail to Ascot, I received notice from my card that a credit had been posted on that day (thanks again, Sirius!) Maybe because of their liberal bonus policy, they have been scammed by a tremendous number of people, and are having problems sorting out the scams from the true cash outs. I don't know. All I know is that, thanks exclusivly to Sirius, I did finally receive my money. (Forgive me for taking so long to post this, Sirius)

Ascot was fun to play at, so I joined their affiliate programme. They bombard members about this every couple of weeks. PROBLEM IS they set out contractual terms but seem to have no notion that they are meant to keep them...they actually told me they had referrals through me, but won't give me further information or any money due to me under the terms of their sham contract. A website owner has told me that they owe him thousands and haven't paid him a cent!! My guess is that they continue to work on baiting innocents like me, knowing if they wake up to their getting something for nothing, there are plenty of other fish in the sea! I am just waiting a little bit longer to see their moves, hence I'm remaining anonymous meantime. I am been amazed at the integrity of the dozens of other online casinos I have played at...but will never play at this cheating place again!
Dear Anonymous,

Would you be so kind as to contact us at or call us at our toll free numbers: US 1 800 716 2552 or Canada 1 866 716 2552. We want to clarify and assist with any doubts or discrepancies. I am anxiously waiting for your reply.


Robin Hemingway
Customer Relations
I'm having to charge back my deposit recently at Ascot because they don't respond to any emails about money they owe me. I was losing at an almost unbelievable rate in their baccarat promotion a few weeks ago and kept playing only because I was covered by their promotional chips (although they haven't given it all and aren't responding to my emails). After over 5000 hands it was thousands to one chance of losing so much and I posted in a message board and they got very defensive even though I didn't say they were cheating. After more play and 6000+ hands I didn't think I could prove anything because the chance was only about 1 in 160 by then (didn't lose so much at the end).

The promotion was that they would give $50 free for five wins in a row (minimum $5 bet). I'd read in a message board that someone claimed it three times, and so I deposited and I kept playing $5 hands because it gave me a 9% advantage with the promotional chips. Well they only gave the $50 once even though I got five in a row 59 times!! I don't get their promotional emails any more but the promotions I've seen from them now have a limit stated for the number of times it can be claimed but in the past there was no limit (look at my first post here) or they at least stated it.

I have to charge back the $3000 deposits because I have 25 cents left in my account after playing out the money in my account. There is no sign of them giving me the $2900 chips they owe me. This would have needed to be wagered three times but I've already done that in losing the $2k I had in my account so it would be cashable straight away if I ever get it.
Way to go Sirius. I was "Anonymous" above, before I registered, and, yes, I did respond to Ascot's request to contact them. Despite them ANXIOUSLY waiting for my reply, I have not received a word from them for coming on three weeks which added on to the silence of earlier weeks amounts to quite a time.

In my opinion, it would be foolhardy for anyone to deposit at Ascot anymore because, as I understand it, they owe other affiliates, as well as me and how many other depositors like Sirius I would not know! It's a shame as I posted good things about them, in the past, with absolute sincerity based on my earlier experience playing in their casino.

I would not ever recommend them again and a friend, who has a site, would not post their generous 50% promo even though I said they were OK to play despite my being cheated out of my raf/affiliate fees - thank goodness he didn't after reading of Sirius' and others experiences!

We sent an email responding to your allegations to the OPA and we were notified that it was forwarded to you. Currently, we have not received a response to that email that was replied on November 21. In fact, Ms. Amanda Vanderbilt contacted Steve Adkins on November 24 asking for any output and we were notified that you haven't replied. Within our response that we sent to the OPA, Ms. Amanda Vanderbilt, included several of our email correspondents to and from our establishment in addition to several facts in our defense against your FALSE allegations.


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