Slow Pay Approved Winnings Not Paid


Complaints (PAB) Manager
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Jan 20, 2004
Do I have to speak to someone specific about a non-payment from casino my winnings have been approved

As mentioned, if the casino has a representative listed here then contacting them should be your first step.

If you've tried that approach and things still aren't resolved then you should look into our Pitch-A-Bitch (PAB) service Link Outdated / Removed. Please ensure that you read, understand and follow the guidelines given in the Pitch-A-Bitch FAQ if you do decide to proceed with a PAB.

If you have questions about the PAB service please (re)read the Pitch-A-Bitch FAQ, most questions are answered there. If that still doesn't tell you what you need then you can send me a Private Message Link Outdated / Removed.