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Sep 7, 2005
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Is Ace Club Casino trustworthy?

Im thinking about depositing some money over there, I hope it's not in a blacklist or anything.!!

Has any one been there before? Thanks! :cool:
tantalos said:
Why do you say that?I've been to both of these and I've made some serious money - and cashed out without any problems.

Personally, I don't see how anyone can enjoy playing at Starluck and Planetluck with all the quirks in the software. If you're a slot player, then you know what I'm referring to. One or two reels freezing up quite frequently... and having to log-out then back in to set it right again. Only to have another reel freeze up a few spins later. Quite a pain in the ass. Maybe they've corrected the problems by now... but the last time this subject was discussed here, many people agreed that their software had alot of glitches. One positive report on this group is that almost all of the winners are paid. ( except Patty.. who won $10,000.00 on a slot hit, but didn't get paid on a small technicality.... over 40 accounts on the same computer.. :D )
I am not a slots player so I cannot comment on that, but as far as their table games, they're not too bad. I have had better luck with the No-download version, rather than the download software (little quicker, less disconnects).

As far as an honest, trustworthy casino, they are among the best IMO. Also, I personally think the 30% bonus up to $300 with only 8x(D+B) wager requirement is a better deal than the 100% with 30x(D+B).

Good luck!

I have been a member of Starluck for years and lately was able to hit a couple jackpots, one for $900 which they paid me in 2 hours. Now on the sixth I hit another one for $2400 and it is still sitting in pending and when I called they said it would be the 12th of Sept. before it is processed.

Never have I had this happen. Now I am afraid they really aren't going to pay me. My casino name was on the scrolling marquee as a winner for a couple days and now it's not there anymore, when others that hit before me are still up there. Does this sound like I am not going to see my money????
They won't answer my emails and live help is useless. I told them I can't deposit until that is taken out of pending and I WILL NOT REVERSE it. What do you all think I should do. :confused:
Stick to your guns Pete! If you've done everything on the up and up.. you wont have anything to worry about. As you already know.. they will pay winners. Why they refuse to answer emails or return contact is a bit disheartening though. There's a member here named BingoT. He is an affiliate with them and has some connections there. Give him a private message and ask him to do you a favor and look into it. Also.. before posting any negatives about them, try and find the casino representative that is a member here and send them a private message. Refrain from anything negative until you're sure that they are denying payment.
They may be quick payers but I have to say their software blows.

Blackjack cards do not deal like this.

$750 to $450 betting $3 flat - $1500 of betting.

$450 to $350 betting $1 - $300 in betting.

I'll stop short of the 'r' word. Way to streaky to be real or enjoyable.

don't play here.
they have the best java slots I have seen

at least in terms of how they look and feel. The java games do freeze up every 5-30 minutes, but a simple refresh usually gets you playing again. I had so much trouble getting a withdrawal to even the "pending" stage that I just reversed it (from the Ecash "middleman" account) and never tried to withdraw again. They were also not nice to me when I tried to question them about the payout structure of their slots.
their bonuses,wagering requirements,customer support and speed is very good,they are over this industry standarts.of course they have mistakes,but those are less than others.
nature said:
They may be quick payers but I have to say their software blows.

Blackjack cards do not deal like this.

$750 to $450 betting $3 flat - $1500 of betting.

$450 to $350 betting $1 - $300 in betting.

I'll stop short of the 'r' word. Way to streaky to be real or enjoyable.

don't play here.

If these are your actual results, it looks like they are rigging the software again. In the past this group had blatantly rigged software. I think they claimed they didn't know much about it but they obviously did as the odds changed depending on which promotion you were doing (eg. at Planetluck it was 2% chance of happening but at Starluck my results were in the millions to one chance with a similar number of bets and the games were conveniently innaccessible just before I played while they said they were 'updating' the software).

They even had promotions sometimes where they claimed to increase the odds on slots for a limited period or double your profit if you hit a number on roulette (the caveat being you'd have to bet on a single number only and the wager would have to be at least $50 to get double the winnings). Of course, those who took up the unbelievable roulette offer lost thousands, but I didn't attempt it as I knew from experience what they were like.
Those are my results. I'm tempted to go in and record from the log the entire episode. Have you any links or additional info on the past "rigging"?

I hate to use the 'r' word. Two sessions spread days apart netted my results. You sit there for hours watching it happen. The same comments over and over and over and over again. "No way" or "oh lookie a dealer six - how will his hit to 21? - oh, that's how" or "amazing" it was endless. I seriously tilted (but not with the betting). It just felt like this thing was waiting for me to up my bet to take my whole $500. so sad if true.

Actally, my results are worse. After long periods of downward swings (while betting the dollar) I'd increase to two or three and make some of it back. The dealer showing six and five card hitting to 21 to bust my 20 would start all over again and I'd drop my bet and watch my balance drop as well.

After being up to $750 I'm now cashing out $375. These guys get lumped in the lame group along with and bethedealer.

I'm sure there is nothing I can do about it and I shouldn't even waste my time. I feel like they ripped me off for a couple hundred dollars but I know that there isn't anything I can do. Unless folks actually find this thread or the info about this place and realize it should be avoided it ends here.

'r' or not cards don't deal like that over the long haul. it's just not a pleasent place to play due to the way the cards deal.

good luck
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