Anyone familiar with Londons Casino?


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Dec 5, 2006
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Hello all....I am new to Casinomeister and am curious about Londons Casino. I was steered here by another player, from another Casino. I see that they are neither accredited or considered rogue by Casinomeister, so I am reserving my ONE bitch.

I started with Londons about 2 weeks ago. After depositing only $50 and receiving a matching bonus, I bet my $3,000 in bets and was at that point eligible to cash money out. Withdrawls that are more than $1,000 require identification, so I requested $999. That was last Wednesday and they claim to make payouts on Saturday or Sundays after the "Suspense" period has passed, which it did.

It is now Tuesday, Dec. 4th and I haven't heard boo. Just curious if any other members have dealt with this casino and what there experiences and/or opinions are.....All help is appreciated!
No experience with them myself - but some nasty posts over at WOL:
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Definitely sound more rogue than blue... :mad:
Good luck - you might need it...
You ought to check this site out as well. It's the same player. He had two accounts at the casino.

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