Anyone been to good sporting event on Christmas?


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Sep 26, 2009
Denver, Colorado
Me and dad and college buddy went to a WCW wrestling event in mid 90s on chritmas night..was at mcnichols arena (where nuggets played)..ric flair was actually there wrestling there..


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Mar 13, 2008
There's a hill and a rink behind my house (same house I lived in as a kid). There were some fierce hockey games with new skates and sticks, and racing down the hill. Boy, you could whiz on a cardboard box! New tobaggons would be abandoned by the bigger kids in favour of these hazardous flyers.

They've put up boards for the rink but haven't flooded it yet. It's been mild, some winters they don't flood it at all. The hill has been run into ruts, but I'm hoping for a little snow over the holidays so the kids can enjoy this simple pleasure.