Question Any MG slot "like" RTG's Jackpot Pinatas?


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Aug 11, 2012
Hi hope this is the right forum for this..

I recently started playing MicroGame slots and like them a lot - I used to only play an RTG based Casino and a local danish casino, that I believe uses "" software.

However I have had a passionate love/hate relationsship with the RTG slot Jackpot Pinatas.
I Hate the fact that it is fixed bet (5$ ouch:( ) and that it is a progressive.
But I Love it's bonus feature :notworthy

So, is there any MG slot with a feature that share some/all of Jacpot Pinatas feature characteristics (good retrigger frequency, decent "guranteed" min. return, and interresting free spins due to extra wilds/jackpot symbols)?

In case you do not know the slot, I have described the bonus-feature in detail below.

And in case you are wondering why I look for alternatives, well 5$ a spin can make chasing the feature VERY expensive and I do not like paying part of my RTP towards the progressive jackpot :(

Feature is Triggered by three "Dog Pinatas (Scatters) and the feature is two-step:

Step1 is a "pick'em" type feature:
You are shown three Pinatas and gets to wack two of them with a bat :thumbsup:
Each Pinata will revel a bonus of 2-200X bet (usually 2x, 3x or 5x - a few times 10x, and I have seen 25x and 100x once each)
One of the three Pinatas holds (and drops) a Rose, if the rose is in any of the Pinatas you choose, you get a new set of pinatas - rinse and repeat, until you fail to find the Rose.
Once you fail to find the rose, you are awarded a number of free spins (5-25)

Step2 is a "free spin" feature
The free spins have are with a fixed multiplier of x2.
During these free spins, extra Donkey-Pinatas (Wilds) and Bull-Pinatas (jackpot sympbol) are added to the reels (the help page does not mention extra Dog Pinatas, but it really feels to me like these are increased as well)
The Feature can re-trigger during free spins, repeating Step 1, and adding to remainning free spins.

Feature averages (for me) ap. 33x bet, but have had up to about 100x without re-trigger (excluding the one that gave me 100x in a singel Pinatas in step1)
My "feeling" is, that it has triggered (for me) at ap. every 80 spin or so.

So what I love about this feature, is this:
Once you get the feature, you are "guranteed" 4x bet from step1 and 5 free spins from step2, and most often quite a bit more from step1.
The free spins often pay decently due to the extra wilds, and while it might be a (lot of) coincidence(s) it seems to re-trigger often.
Since the retrigger will take you thru step1 again, this can generate some nice winning streaks :)


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Aug 25, 2004
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Simple answer: No

I can't think of any slot on any other software which is anything like Jackpot Piñatas.
CryptoLogic have something with a similar theme (La Fiesta), but I don't think the bonus feature works in the same sort of way.
Maybe someone else can help...



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Aug 11, 2012
Yeah, I kind of feared that answer :(

Well it simply is too expensive in the long run, so I guess I will make do with my new found friends Break the Bank Again and Deck the Halls.

Any MG slots, with a good chance of retriggering feature? - I just love "winning streaks" even if it costs a fair bit to get there.

BTW: last night after writing the above post, I thought I would give Pinatas a "nostalgia visit":
Deposit 100$ and decided (against better judgment) to run 50$ thru 10spins on it.
3 spins in, hit the feature, cashed out 200$ and right back to the Pinatas with the remaining 125$ - chewed me down to ap. 30$ and got the feature agin, but this time for a measly 5 free spins (quite disappointed) - well what do you know... Instant Re-trigger for 25 spins :D
Had to reverese the cashout and change it to 400$ and then back with the remaing 165$ that it just swallowed :rolleyes:

So 100$ to 400$ in less than 20mins - this slot is great fun if you get lucky early on, but still far to expensive for any long sessions. (at least for me)