Any info on Arcada casino?


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Aug 13, 2002
I can't seem to find any info, good or bad, about arcada casino. Has anyone had any experiences with this casino? Seems like a decent sign-on bonus.


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Feb 22, 2001
Whoa - be very, very afraid. I'm surprised that Arcada is up and operating. I wonder if this shyster outfit is still owned by 1 SafeNet Ltd out of Costa Rica and powered by Gaminglogix?

This one was really bad news about a year or more back. A player hit a $100K keno jackpot obviously against all expectations and he experienced stress and hassles right from the beginning, with the casino refusing to respond to emails. The OPA got involved and that led to Gaminglogix and similar shenanigans. In the end the refusal to communicate or pay left the player with only the expensive option of legal action against a bunch of folks who were probably, to use legalese "men of straw".

Gamble here at your extreme risk. They are still on the OPA NOT RECOMMENDED list.


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Jun 30, 1998
How far are you looking adaubenmire?

You can easily search this forum via the link at the top of your screen, you might be surprised to what you may find.

Also, just one visit to our "Rogue Casino" section and you can read about their shenanigans there.

Our news section is searchable as well:

Seek and you will find...

"Crooks" with a capital "C"


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