Any Familiar with this Casino?


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Mar 1, 2006
I know in the pit of my stomach who it is. Or who they are affiliated with, but I need input.

VISA BI O View Po Luxembou LU

Does this look familiar to anyone?

Thank you::confused:
Maybe I should clarify:notworthy:

This is how it was processed on my debit card and I don't know who it is?:eek:

Anyone know who the processer is? There is no phone number either:eek2:
I searched google but I cant find anyhing about VISA BI O View Po Luxembou LU or O View Po Luxembou LU or anthing like this.Do you remember to which casino you deposit on that day?

I don't know why it reminds me to the Riverbelle casino...

It rings a bell... probably to the same group the Riverbelle belongs to.

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