Any comments on Galaxy Casino?

This site looks exactly like've been around for as long as I can remember.

If they rip-off site designs it's probably a SCAM...I'd be careful.

If you like this site then I would guess you'll like the original even more...since it is there's.
Looks like wised up and changed the look of their site. Still makes you wonder why they would pirate another casino site like that?

Has anyone else seen this type of thing online?
Don't worry justlooking,

We are owners of the casino engine, and after that incident, as I promised, kicked the ass of our russian licensee that appeared to be lazy idiot stolen some old graphics from other site, and withdrawn the domain name from that licensee. Now it just redirects to our own casino site.
I think that clearly show that we as software owners will not accept any software piracy made by our licensees.
By the way, our programmers will design now the new site for that domain. Welcome in two weeks and feel the difference :)
This is presumably the no-download ITOS software?

Frankly I was underwhelmed by the site which has sloppy printwork proofing and a basic design. There's not a lot of upfront detail on the Support facility and more importantly on the bonus where they claim it is a matchplay maxed at a dangerously generous $1000 but I could not find the WT requirement?

They are offering a choice of financial options that includes webmoney (1pc transaction fee) egold (2pc) and moneybackers (5 pc)

The gambling suite has 6 table games, slots and keno.

Russian licensee, eh? Whenever I hear the title "Galaxy" my alarm bells start ringing with names like Jack and Esther Banks. I sincerely hope they are not involved here - if they are be extremely careful.
Thanks for comment. Yes, the casino software is from ITOS Ltd. Galaxy Casino is owned by latvian company - the license from our russian partner has been withdrawn due to the software piracy. Banks family is not involved.
Hi Whitebear,

From a players perspective, I would say that there is something wrong with your games. I've just finished playing over one hundred spins on the Galaxy slots at a max coin bet with only three wins. There were two instances when three cherries lined up, but no win. I've posted a screen shot of one of them.

Do you have a third party who tests your software for fainess?

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Hi admin,

to get a win on any line you must place bet onto it. Yours screenshot shows that there was no bet on the line where cherries drawn. If You place maximum bet, for example, and few lines win, the indicator lamps go blinking (please see Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) )

The fairness of our games engine is quarterly checked by our servicing bank and auditors.

Our licensees can not influence the RNG randomness.
This was a max bet on all lines. I played like this for over a hundred spins. I had three wins (three bananas, three lemons, three grapes) on the lower three, upper three, and one diagonal top to bottom. This is the same line that the cherries appeared twice with no win.

I'll have some people I know look into this. I'm not an expert on odds, but I know some individuals that are.
Old / Expired Link

Each client will get the Bonus of 100% from initial deposit. Sum of initial deposit is between 5 and 1000 WMZ (USD). You could withdraw money from Your game account only after that, Your gain/loss at any table will be over the amount of bonus plus 10% of first deposit.
Well - can't say if it pays out correctly - since I didn't manage to hit anything.

You can't accuse them of rigging the games in favour of the player in fun mode :D
From the Gamemaster:

Hello, Bryan.

I played 100 spins there in the play-money mode and did have a *few* winners, all of which were credited correctly. I didn't have any problems with a winning spin not being paid, such as you did. That said, in my $500 of action, I lost $156, which implies that the machine is set to return about 70%. I'll be the first to admit that my sample is very small, so that could be a meaningless statistic. but if you look at the pay schedule for the slot, you can understand why the payout may be that low.

What I noticed is that the minimum pay is 40 credits - in fact, almost all of the payouts are 40 credits - and that leaves the casino with very few options, in my opinion. Basically, it boils down to "40 credits or nothing", so it's easy to run into significant dry spells, which is why people are reporting very few winning spins in their sessions. Rather than trying to seduce the player with frequent, small wins or "pushes", these guys have taken the sledge-hammer approach: the punter either wins big or loses big. I can imagine they set this game up, ran some trials and found that a few players would really hit it big and, gasp!, "we can't have that in a casino", so rather than reducing some of the payouts to say, 5 or 10, it was easier to reduce the overall frequency of winning spins, thus ending up with what we call a "Hoover slot", with all the implications of a device that will suck your $$$ up. That's pure conjecture on my part, of course, but let's be realistic: this is not sophisticated gaming software.

I could go on and on, but I'll spare your readers (feel free to post this, if you wish) and by shutting up now, I won't have to charge the casino a consulting fee.

I hope you are well and happy.


Yours for winning,

The GameMaster
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"...let's be realistic: this is not sophisticated gaming software." Gamemaster is rarely wrong - sounds like ITOS need to do a little more development work here.
Thanks for comments gentlemen.

ITOS working hard to improve the software and develop new games. We are focused now in multiuser environments for roulette and poker.

Speaking about slots payout strategies, GameMaster is right in that we selected the high-shot schema. The wheels diagram and payment tables we copied from real slot machines (Panama made), standing in the Third Rome Casino in Donetsk, Ukraine. That works good in russian-mentality markets, where people are not so interested in penny-payouts. We very much value Your contributions and will add few slot games soon with western-oriented payouts table. We are working over our BlackJack tables, adding tables with right Vegas and Atlantic-City rules, as Casinomeister recommended us. Current games are sourced from russian live casinos rules, though the names everywhere used to be american.

Please note that ITOS is leading Ukrainian software developer and 3 years operated casinos only for russian markets. Thats why there are so much differences for western eye. That we'll correct according Your recommendations.

Please, send us more comments directly to and You'll see your recomendations realised in the software.

Speaking about our payout percentage, Gamemaster played in play-for-fun mode as we checked, not in play-money like he wrote. So we can expect the same small mistake in his calculation also.
Hi Whitebear,

Gamemaster stated "play-money" mode, not "play for money". Play money is an English term for fake money, in other words the play-for-free mode.

"Play money" is "play for fun" - both opposite to "Real mode"

Are you saying it pays differently in Fun mode and Real mode?

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