Answer me this....


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This is new....

I usually put my computer (desktop) in "sleep" mode at night.

The last few nights, it has been "waking up" right after I do this.

I say sleep..... it says no.....

I went into "control-alt-delete" to see if maybe a program was

running in the background and found nothing.

So, I have been shutting it down all the way. I'd rather not have

to boot up every morning.




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That happened a lot to me also earlier. Not every time though.

Then I realized that I in some way had touched the mouse just a tiny bit after clicking ''sleep'', and now if I make sure I don't, then it sleep deeply through the whole night :)
Check that tonight because it can be so easy.

Or you think I'm an idiot who suggest such a thing :D It has never been a problem for me with earlier computers either but this new one is more sensitive.


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its a windows 10 problem...

you can find solutions on net....

its a power management problem
or could be under system management...