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Sep 30, 2013
Had £158 in my bank spare money, was going to lump the lot at my usual haunt betat, but after checking emails i saw JPP offering a 100% match for £50 only a 10x play through required, so went there first, loaded my £50, stuck to zanzibar for £809 of the WR and had a healthy balance of £290, decided to finish WR's on bruce lee 2, my god, what an awful slot, took 400 spins to bonus for 12x stake, then further 2 bonuses one at 30x and one at 4x, deffo a slot im avoiding, kinda got angry at losing £85 of my roll on it so loaded up roulette, same betting style as usual, started £20 mid section, £20 last section, 2 black. £40 each section and 8 black, fired last ( what i thought 0 ) balance on the sections and saw 9 red, pissed off isnt the word. noticed i had £1.22 in account, lumped a quid on 0, wouldn't you know it? 0.

18 each section finally won, then put £5 on 10 numbers and £4 on another and lost, kicked myself as had done the wr's and greed kicked in and i lost the entire balance.

still, went to betat and put my £108 on, me and immortal romance have a special relationship as weird as it sounds, it will ride me for everything when im winning, but when i need a win? its their for me, most of the time!

Started spinning £2.40 which in hindsight was kamikaze to do on a slot like IR, but as mentioned, it has a way of helping me when i need it, on £2.40 i built a bank of £250ish off 2 features. Lets play on £3 a spin my brain says, still in tilt mode, even tho im actually 100 up for the night.

got down to £80 and hit 3 scatters, picked the x5 all wins bonus as its been good to me before, and low and behold, one of the spins went wild wild haunted house x 3 + other wins, feature paid around £520, and i had a balance of around £610, finally now came out of tilt mode, was so close to withdrawing the entire thing but thought i fancied low-balling now as id done the high-rolling. Withdrew £500 and was "happy" to lose the rest knowing the night was a triumph.

played various things, started on 60p/spin on dark knight rises, noticed previously id played it and left 17/16 spins on batman/bane, so that was the reason for my choice, hit some decent reel wins, and when i got into the feature i had a balance of around £130, paid £59 on batman's free-spins, so had a roll of close to 200, then decided it was time for revenge on roulette, went in live roulette, 1 spin, 25 on middle / last section as usual, my favorite number 24 came up, another £25 profit, then went on blackjack, played £30/hand, lost first, won second, then upped it to £60, dealer KINDLY dealt my a natural 21 after hitting a 15, so won that, bank around £280 if memory serves, played isis and hit free-spins early, left that with £295, went back to roulette, numbers were mainly low for the last 15 spins or so, so lumped £15 on 19-36 and told myself if this won im withdrawing the 300 and playing the 10 off and going to bed, 35 black.

withdrew the 300, and had exactly £10 left to play with, played secret santa for the first time, wow. Seemed like every spins was 5 of a kind "again" meaning it re-rolled another 5 of a kind, got wild reels first feature, paid 20 or so, then got "rolling reels" next, which i was annoyed at, as i hate this feature on every slot, paid £59! was only spinning 50p/spin, came off with £85, desprate to make it 100, went on live baccarat, £5 on dealer and won, came off, bank at £90, Back on roulette, £15 on 19-36, and 35 came again.

withdrew £100, played the £5 i had left on finer reels of life, been drinking all night and chuckled to myself "i bet i hit the feature the way my lucks going!" and did, on 30p won £10, but upped my bets to 90p/spin and finally zerod out.

£900 final score what a night!

But the absolute best part, is knowing my withdrawals are with betat, who have been nothing but helpful and kind to me since my first deposit a few months back, i can rest easy knowing its gonna hit my bank account with no fuss or questions, So once again betat, and igor, thanks for the fun times!

hope you all have a fantastic new year!

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