My Little Triumph


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May 19, 2012
hello all

at a little bit of a loose end last night both my boys are not feeling to good (6yr old,9 week old)

anyway got them off to sleep decided to have a small flutter at 32red before going to bed about 12, so i had £10 (told you it was a small flutter)

anywho had £10 won £10 on there bonus wheel, so i hit the video poker and thunderstruck 11/ well blow me down i managed to meet

the wagering requirements and made a withdrawal of £250 smackers at 4.15 am/ money was in my skrill ac at 10.10 this morning,

lets just say if all my little flutters ended like this i be one happy bunny,so big thumbs up to 32red and a thumbs up to me for my

little triumph,


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