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Apr 3, 2006
Hey there!

I just deposited last night and was wondering what the easiest way was to find out how much you wagered on the slots at alljackpotscasino. I tried calling them, but that doesnt seem to work with my cellphone from belgium and they dont seem to have live support either...

anyone got any suggestions?

thanks in advance!
Your other option use use Microgamings crap PlayCheck (little red tick in top left of casino lobby).
Copy & paste your results 100 at a time into Excel or similar & add it up.
I hope you haven't played TOO many spins - cos the above is very tedious!

In future - always count your spins & their value! :thumbsup:
hbears341 said:
The best way would probably be to send them an e-mail. They're usually pretty good in responding quickly.

Well, that used to be the truth, but lately the replies from support dont even come within 24 hours. At their homepage they blame "all the response on theire promotions" - yeah right, how many question can one have on their Randomania-bonus-contest:what: ? You should go to playcheck and count your wagers on slots manually instead.

I always just use my loyalty points as a guide. If I start with 500, log out and back in and I then have 600, it means I've wagered $1,000=100 pts. I've never really understood the big issue about this, besides the fact that you do have to stop play and log out.

On a brighter note, maybe all Micros will eventually implement that EZBonus system that Grand Prive initiated and that Villento also now uses. It does make life much easier.
At MG casinos, I use the game Stats, making a note of my wagers before switching games or amount on a piece of paper. (50 spins @ 50 cents a spin = $25, etc.) Rinse, repeat. Tedious, but reliable.

At RTG casinos, I just email them or phone after I've played awhile.

Playtech casinos, I use the comp points as a guide.

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