All Jackpots Casino - a waste of time


Dormant account
Nov 9, 2001
Signed up for All Jackpots Casino through the CM link.
They offer a $200 on your first $50 deposit slot bonus.

I waited several days for the bonus to be credited and then received this:
Dear TwoCard,

At this time, we are unable to credit your new
All Jackpots account with a Welcome Bonus as you have not met the full terms and conditions of the offer.

If you have an questions concerning this or any other
matter at the casino, please contact our support staff
at the toll-free numbers below.

USA: 1-866-864-2506 UK: 0-800-917-9087 Canada: 1-888-328-4054

Or email us at:
You'll receive a response in under 2 hours.

Charlie Burton
All Jackpots Casino
Why not just tell me what I did or did not do??
I read the T&C but could have missed something.
Just wasting my time and the CSRs time.

I did not contact then made a withdrawal without playing.
They Botched!

I went through the link. I got my bonus... Followed by 300+ 'Welcome' E-mails, one each 10Mins like clockwork over the next 3 days. Customer service were unable to explain or stop them. They stopped in the end.
Then, after I had played my bonus I received an E-mail telling me my welcome bonus had just arrived.
They also take 1 to 2 days to respond to support E-mails. I got my money though. They have phone support too, with a few toll free numbers.
They told me that a very large number of players had responded to the offer and they were having to struggle with the backlog.
I E-mailed them later with my thoughts on how they might have marketed this better, and got a complimentary 10 with no WR.
Perhaps someone screwed up. Was it the casino?

Now, Did you remember to claim it?

Claim your free cash here!
Once you have made your deposit, simply return to this page and enter your account number. Press 'Submit' and your bonus will be credited to your account within three hours!

Did you wait more than 7 days before complaining/claiming/depositing

*Please Note: You must claim your bonus within 7 days of registering as a Real Player at All Jackpots.

NOTE - Within registering, not within depositing.

If you missed out any one of these steps you have not met the T & C of the offer.

These hurdles are there to ensure that bonuses go to those who deserve them and make the most of it.........Bonus hunters :)
They read T & C and follow the twists and turns to the letter. Can't possibly have the bonus going to the casual recreational gambler who takes the offer at face value and simply waits for it to be credited - trusting the casino to inform them that they have missed out doing something.

Pity that a Casinomeister player who went through the link got treated in such an offhand manner though. I have not had a problem with the money side of things.
Well i would suggest you read there T&C's..

I love this casino and they have A+++++ Service aswell so i have no idea what you are takling about my friend.

I also took up on the offer and lost the $200 but played for hours and hours.

Do you have the original purchase of $50 or any other amount from it still in the account?

If so that might be one reason...

But all in all they are the best.
Hey Bad!! Nice to run

This whole group is top notch! They even send you a surprise bonus now and then after you make a deposit without a bonus, If I deposit on Friday, Monday I get an email with loyal points or bonus dollars in my account.
They could of been more prepared for the new casino and the onslaught of customers....
They DO pay but the speed of response could definitely improve. They are very nice there tho and they will try to help.
I signed up there last week - and got my bonus within the stated 3-hours - no problem! :thumbsup:

Was doing OK with the WR as well, until I was mugged by Laura Croft! :(

Still got a few bucks left, but it looks more likely to be another pay-day for the affiliate!! ;)

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