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Jan 20, 2006
Amarillo, Texas
Everybody needs to pay attention and act NOW. There is a bill in the House of Representatives that would ban Online or Internet Gambling. The bill is H. R. 4777 and is known as the "Internet Gambling Prohibition Act." If you care and don't want Congress to stop your ability to gamble online, here are the two Web addresses to see who your two Senators and elected Representative are in Congress: and On the House page, you only need to enter your zip code to bring up the information on your Representative :thumbsup: . Once the information displays, there are links for you to email your message to these people directly. If we don't speak up quickly, the bill might pass and we all know the consequences :mad: .

There are so many legitimate reasons why I personally can't stomach or stand the thought of any politician - especially those in D.C. You'll have to voice your objection to this bill in your own words. I'll leave you now with just one thought - when was the last time you heard of Congress exercising any fiscal (money) responsibility, wisdom or restraint? Wake up, brothers and sisters.
Macgyver said:
Read the forum much?? :what: :rolleyes:

There's a six page thread on this at the very top of this forum.

Hey Macgyver, stop that!!! You snatched those words right outta my mouth, lol. :)
soflat asks: We're supposed to admit to the government that we are gambling online?

Of course not silly!

We are supposed to contact them in behalf of the true online gamblers and thier rights...just as any good american would :lolup:

I'm In! I am willing to protect the rights of OTHERS, aren't you :rolleyes:
Macgyver said:
No problem, I'm still resisting the urge to say something about Pinababy's comment about snatching things outta her mouth. :cool: ;)

Not something about my "resolution" I hope. :)

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